Steve Ballmer at the Microsoft CEO Summit 2013. (Microsoft Photo).
Steve Ballmer at the Microsoft CEO Summit.

new report by Bloomberg News gives what appears to be a clearer picture of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s plan to reshape the company under its new “devices and services” strategy.

Elements of the report are in line with some of the things I’ve been hearing about the impending reorg, with the caveat that none of this has been confirmed. Here are the basics of the reported structure for the company’s engineering groups …

Applications and services: This would include Bing, Microsoft Office and other apps and online services. Potential leader: Qi Lu, who currently heads up the Online Services Division.

Hardware and devices: This would include Xbox, Surface and other Microsoft hardware products. Potential leader: Julie Larson-Green, currently the Windows engineering chief.

Operating systems: Windows and Windows Phone. Potential leader: Terry Myerson, currently Windows Phone chief.

Cloud computing and enterprise: Satya Nadella, the current Server & Tools chief, would head up this division.

Bloomberg reports that Tony Bates, the Skype chief, would lead acquisitions and developer relations. It also notes that the company is looking to separate product engineering from business functions such as marketing and finance. No official word from Microsoft yet on the reorg, but it looks like it could come as early as next week.

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  • guest

    If it’s accurate, this is why you don’t put a failed CEO in charge of trying to reboot a failing MS.

  • cybersaurusrex

    I hope this means that Windows Phones will soon be running a real version of Windows (RT)…

  • Paul

    They want to put Terry Myerson, leader of the team that hasn’t shipped any significant update since WP8 launched NINE MONTHS AGO, in charge of Windows too? Seriously?!?

  • rayburt456

    If this is true, it’s a really badly kept secret!

  • guest

    Still a lot of unknowns in here. How do devices and OS interrelate under the new world order? Xbox has a lot of parts that could potentially be separated (OS, HW, BizDev and Partner Relations, XBL, Music/Movies/TV/etc). If they parcel that out into other teams (like giving Tony XB developer relations), that will be a huge cluster**k.

  • brent

    If MS’s senior most executives are incapable of keeping even the most strategic things secret, what does that say about their ability to run the company generally?

  • guest

    This reorg is later than Windows Vista was.

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