This week’s App of the Week is the perfect companion for watching live TV on your iOS or Android device…so long as you’re a Comcast subscriber. Xfinity TV Go is Comcast’s latest revision of its streaming solution for subscribers to its cable service.

geekwireappThe marquee new feature from Comcast’s update is the ability to stream up to 35 channels of live TV to your iPhone, iPad or Android device, including ESPN, CNN and the Disney Channel, so long as you’re already paying Comcast for a subscription to the channel you want to stream. As before, you’re also able to get access to Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand catalog on your mobile device.

Xfinity TV Go only works on a wi-fi connection, unless you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, in which case it’s possible to use their cellular network. Even so, as any frequent traveler will tell you, looking to get network coverage outside your home that’s good enough for you to stream video can be a challenge. But if you can manage it, the app can provide you with live streaming TV from your Comcast subscription while you’re killing time at Starbucks.

With that said, the app seems to be best suited to easing tensions that come up from multiple people in the same place wanting to watch different shows at the same time. Sometimes, there comes a moment in a one-TV household when one person wants to watch the news, and another wants to watch a big game. Xfinity TV Go eases some of that tension by creating another screen that’s available for live TV viewing without requiring a second TV.

You won’t have access to AirPlay or Chromecast streaming through the app, though, which is a major sticking point for a number of reviewers of the app on iTunes. Personally, I don’t see why you would want to stream video to a television that’s theoretically connected to your cable to begin with, unless you want to bring ESPN over to a cable-less friend or something similar.

You can download Xfinity TV Go from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Listen to this week’s App of the Week segment below or via this MP3 file.

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  • Guest

    Comcast continues not to get it. There is no good reason to spend $80 or more for a digital cable subscription. Being able to use this little novelty app, in certain scenarios, with no big-screen output, is small potatoes.

    Gigabit Seattle, your time has come. Thank you for beating Comcast.

  • jim lewis

    on an older iPad the comcast content is not so bad. But on a newer retina display iPad, comcast’s rate shaping really shows. ragged edges, low contrast images.

  • Mike Thaler

    Doesn’t work on Samsung 10.1 tablet. Old version did. Does work on S4.


    try i here: Its a simple solution for mobile tv with the Tv on the go pro app. This is a real nice app.

  • Carson

    The reason I’d like to see the Xfinity app work with Chromecast is to be able to stream all the titles available in the HBO, Starz, etc. catalogs ( Yes, I know there’s an HBO GO app for that particular station, but I digress ). You can’t access all of these shows by using the On Demand feature of the regular xfinity/comcast set top box. Plus, the user interface on the set top box is Cro-Magnon at best….

    • Dr. Rob

      how about to stream it to another tv in the house instead of paying for another friggin box

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