is back up and running. We’ve updated this post with details.

Original story:

Online shoppers take notice: is down. This appears to have happened just before noon on Monday. We’re looking into this now, so check back for more updates.

On Friday night, all of Google’s services went down for five minutes. The New York Times also went down for two hours last week, and GitHub also experienced outages.

Update, 12:15 P.M. PST

Now when you try to go to, this message appears:


We’re still trying to find out more about this. Check back here for updates.

Update, 12:20 P.M. PST

Now here’s the new message you get when going to

amazonoutage2Here’s the text, which includes a hyperlink to the homepage:

We’re very sorry, but we’re having trouble doing what you just asked us to do. Please give us another chance–click the Back button on your browser and try your request again. Or start from the beginning on our homepage.

The three pieces of media to the right of the error message are quite odd: A children’s book called I’m Sorry … My Bad! by Bradley Trevor Greive, another kids book called Oops: A Diaper David Book by David Shannon, and a 2008 horror movie called Grave Mistake.

Update, 12:28 P.M. PST

Amazon Fresh is also down. You get a blank screen with the text “<UnknownOperationException/>” when going to the Amazon Fresh website:


Update, 12:33 P.M. PST

Looks like is back up. We’ve contacted Amazon to find out more about this, but it appears everything is back to normal. Hallelujah, shoppers.

But the real question is … how much did Amazon just lose in revenue for the 40 minutes or so that it went down?

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  • FrankCatalano

    Uh oh. Appears Jeff Bezos finally found where the Amazon ends.

  • Squarely

    It is down because they are making “ImPROVEMENTS….”

  • David Rettig


  • Michael Fons

    While Amazon is down you can do your online shopping on or

  • MeHere

    Amazon down? Now I have to work at my job – this sucks

  • charles

    Global warming strikes again!

  • Tsunami

    First Google, now Amazon the next business day. Coincidence?

  • Stephen Medawar also down… is up

  • bubba

    I blame Wal-mart

    • AllAbout3D

      blame it on the Temps

  • Elliott

    it’s now back online…

  • Aaron_Burr

    The commercial access portals for companies that sell products on Amazon are also down. We downloaded our orders for the day just as the site went dead. Definitely looks like a major hack or denial of service attack is in progress.

  • no one


  • John

    Amazon lost a estimated $66.240 dollars a minute during the outage

    • Mitchell Jenkins


  • Asad Quraishi

    My prediction: hacked.

  • rcastag

    Please someone get eLOPE to lower system utilization to enable global ecommerce please.

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