One gamer received his replacement PS4 from Amazon with “more snug” packaging. Photo courtesy of Cliff C.

Amazon is sending replacement PlayStation 4’s to those who received broken consoles, and it looks like the Seattle online retail giant is using better packaging this time around.

Amazon is shipping replacement PS4’s to customers with one-day shipping.

Earlier this week, we noted how several gamers leaving 1-star reviews on Amazon’s PS4 product page wrote about less-than-stellar packaging. Many who complained to Amazon said they were receiving a replacement PS4 without having to return their original consoles first.

One such customer, Cliff C., had his new PS4 show up on Wednesday with one-day shipping. He told us that the box from Amazon was “much less oversized,” and “it was a snug fit,” as you can see from his photo above. His new PS4, which included the full system (not just the console itself), also seems to be working this time around.

Cliff told us that the original box with the faulty PS4 from Amazon was “rather oversized,” had “only one strip of air cushion containing five pillows.” One Redditor posted a picture of similar packaging for his broken console.

amazonlogo11We’ve reached out to Amazon and Sony to find out more about this. On Monday, Amazon told us that the company was “working with Sony to assist the small percentage of customers who have reported issues and our customer service team stands ready to offer an exchange or where possible, help customers get their systems up and running.”

Sony, meanwhile, addressed the problems this past Friday when the PS4 hit shelves at midnight, noting that less than 0.4 percent of consoles were broken. Given that one million were sold in the first 24 hours, at least 4,000 customers dealt with PS4 issues — a number that has surely risen since. The company even issued a troubleshooting page on Saturday.

“We are aware that some people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems,” a Sony spokesperson told us. “We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and represent a very small percentage of total units shipped to consumers to date.”

Sony told Game Informer that “we understand that some units were reportedly damaged during shipping,” and that Sony had set up an exchange procedure for those with bricked PS4’s.

While it’s obvious that many of those who ordered a PS4 from Amazon are experiencing problems, it is still unclear as to whether it was simply a bad batch of PS4′s, poor packaging on Amazon’s part or something else.

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  • Spanky

    Like many others, I received a defective (blue light of death) PS4 from Amazon last Friday. When the replacement program was announced, I requested a new system and Amazon arranged a replacement. I received the package yesterday and immediately noticed that the packing box was actually LARGER than the one that contained my original shipment. However, it was packed to the top with air cushion strips. The replacement console was perfectly functional, but I’m paranoid that it’ll develop a BLoD!

    • Kleinbird

      My PS4 that I received from Amazon last Friday had very little protection for packing, but it worked fine… for the first couple days. After a long weekend of gaming I started it up on Monday night and was struck with the BLoD! I fixed it by booting into Safe Mode and reloading the Firmware, but I’m keeping a close eye on it…

      • lolwutzzzzzz

        If mine BLOD just once, it’d be in the mail yesterday.

    • retro1260

      i also got the blue light of death dude but am still waiting on my box from sony smh i called them saturday its almost a week already and no box smdh

  • lizard478

    I thought the truth was already out that it was a bad batch from where people that were forced to assemble the PS4 for free and there was a couple of people that purposely sabotaged the systems on purpose even links to blogs in Japanese saying why they did it

  • lizard478

    I got mine from Amazon and so far so good

  • John

    The Blue light indicates there is no signal from the TV to the PlayStation 4. Nothing to be overly worried about, simply a software issue and should be fixed very soon since they’re aware now.

  • Marx

    what was the shipping weight of the ps4

  • contract packaging

    I found it informative and interesting. Looking forward for more updates..


    Ditto I received a very poorly packed ps4 from Amazon yesterday n blue light with no video signal. Called sony n ran thru it with a tech. No luck no response. Wont even go into safe mode. Sony at there expense will have a box here tomorrow n it will be overnight at there expense back to them with a new console sent in return. Fyi when I say poorly packed. I mean to the point that the game I got with it was loose in it’s case bouncing around inside.N of course when I contacted Amazon after calling sony first. All Amazon offered for the inconvenience was to arbitrate the 18.50 they paid FedEx to ship it. I was insulted n will never again ma km e another purchase with!!!!!

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