UPDATE, Sept.25 1 p.m.: Forbes.com listed Portland’s Pearl District as the fifth-most hip neighborhood and Seattle’s Capitol Hill as the eighth-coolest.


Portland has the beer. Seattle has the coffee. Portland has bacon maple bars. Seattle has flying fish. Portland has bridges. Seattle has skyscrapers.

The debate between the two city-siblings can go on for as long as the three-hour trek down I-5 from the Emerald City to the City of Roses. And now, real estate site Estately poses the most important question of all: which city is more hip?

OK, maybe not most important. But being hip means being cool, right? Who doesn’t want to be cool?

Earlier this year, Travel+Leisure named Seattle America’s Best City for Hipsters, but this new research shows that Portland may be pretty hipster itself.

Some comparisons to help make your decision:

  • “The Wave” was invented in Seattle, while the corn dog birthed in Portland
  • Actor Adam West (Batman) was born in Seattle, while Old Spice commercial star Isaiah Mustafa began life in Portland.
  • Seattle has three more Fortune 500 companies than Portland, while Portland has 13 more thrift stores than Seattle.

What about on the tech-side? GeekWire discussed the differences in technology startup scenes between the two cities last year.

Inhabitants love to get fired up about representing their town. Earlier this year, GeekWire teamed up with Killer Infographics to produce this fun graphical comparison of Silicon Valley geeks to Seattle geeks.

So, readers, which city is more hip? Let the debate continue…

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  • http://twitter.com/nswa nwscience.org

    Think the hipper city would be the more scientific city. We want scientists to demand public policy debates about science, a la sciencedebate.org

  • http://wac6.com/ William Carleton

    I’ve enjoyed two Seattle canned beers over the glorious, lingering summer just ending, Hilliard’s and Dottie’s, and I’d say Seattle’s back on the beer map.

  • Paul Martini

    Spent a weekend in Portland earlier this summer – my wife said it’s “like one gigantic Ballard”

  • guest

    Like, Dude, we’re all in eco-northwest-friggin-hipstertopia together. We are bound together by the clouds and really dark green trees. We all grew up on Nancy’s Honey Yogurt and it’s become fused within our regional DNA…so, like Portattle or Sealand…we are One…connected by Bolt Bus…connected by storms that blow in from the Arctic or debris that washes ashore from nuclear disasters…connected by unshaved armpits of every sex…

    There is no divide. Together, we are the penultimate Hipster region. At least in our own collective minds that is.

  • hipstertrash

    Everyone who’s anyone has moved on to Olympia and Bellingham by now. Portland is so over and Seattle peaked in the 90’s.

    • acropunk

      Don’t forget Tacoma and Eugene.

  • randomhipsterbro

    why keep it to the states alone why not go to countries and continents

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