CEO Mark Benioff delivers the Dreamforce keynote, via webcast CEO Marc Benioff is in classic form this morning during the keynote at the company’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, roaming the Moscone Center floor and sounding at times like a preacher as he talks about the company’s latest offerings in cloud computing and social networking.

“We need to beware of the false cloud,” he said, showing an Oracle slide. “Because the false cloud, ladies and gentlemen, is not efficient! It is not democratic! It is not economical! It is not environmental! It is not the future. Because these technologies are not just bleeding from one to the next.

“You didn’t see the mainframe bleed into the minicomputer, the minicomputer bleed into the PC, the PC bleed into mobile, mobile bleed into tablet.”

He continued, “When Bill Gates tried to say, ‘Oh, well, Windows can run on your phone,’ that didn’t work out too well. Not a lot of Windows Phones here today, is there? No, there’s not. Because you’ve gotta cut and start again every time there’s a new paradigm.”

Benioff also lauded HP for getting out of the PC business, saying that “smartphones and tablets are taking over.”

Earlier this week, Microsoft offered a new cash incentive for customer-relationship management customers to switch from Salesforce and other competitors to Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online service.

At Microsoft’s partner conference last month, the company’s chief operating officer, Kevin Turner, said Microsoft has “got this humongous pacifier to stick in the mouth of Marc Benioff called Dynamics CRM Online. Which is a really, really beautiful thing for us, for both partners and Microsoft.”

At the time, Benioff reportedly replied to Turner’s remark with a comment on Google+ linking to the Wikipedia page for “phallic stage,” before taking the link down.

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  • Matt Heinz

    I’m sitting about 20 feet from the stage right now.  The integration between sales, service and social is getting better and better.  There are more than 40,000 people here this week.  Crazy, exciting.  And Metallica headlines the official party tonight!

    • Todd Bishop

      Awesome. Who will put on the better performance? Marc Benioff or James Hetfield?

    • Todd Bishop

      Awesome. Who will put on the better performance? Marc Benioff or James Hetfield?

      • Matt Heinz

        Good question.  Both are entertaining.  Neil Young is
        here, too.  Sitting in the front row at the keynote right next to MC
        Hammer.  You literally can’t make that up.

  • Chris Lynch

    Showmanship aside, Benioff is right: you can’t just put new shine on something and completely change the delivery. Now, to be fair, Windows Phone 7 is a good example of going to a fresh start, but every version before tried to take a desktop paradigm and shoehorn it into a smaller form factor. It just didn’t make sense. Cloud, SaaS, whatever – it changes your technology, it changes your delivery, modifies your customer engagement, and it has to change the business behind it. There are shortcuts, but you can’t cut every one of those corners or else something will suffer.

  • Guest

    In other news, Larry Ellison isn’t optimistic about MS’s SQL chances

  • Jason Gerard Clauss

    Let me know when your cloud tablets let me play fully cranked up flight simulators, record with big MIDI sample libraries, and are 100% un-hackable. kthx

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