America’s Innovation Agency Hires First-Ever Artificial Intelligence Expert

A groundswell of innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning within the Intellectual Property (IP) community is fueling the ways in which the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is responding to meet the demands of an ever-increasing cache of AI patent applications (and legal rights thereto), the significance of determining AI-related patent policy, and how best to operationalize AI for mission enablement.

With the AI and Machine Learning (ML) landscape evolving and expanding daily, the USPTO’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is seizing its opportunity to harness the best AI industry research and proof of concepts by hiring its first dedicated AI Technical Expert immediately.  S/he should be an AI/ML visionary who will join agency leadership in driving organizational excellence while focusing on the role that information technology plays in achieving USPTO’s vision, mission and strategic goals.

See what else CIO Jamie Holcombe is looking for in the new AI expert: http://bit.ly/2qfTZ98.

The selected candidate will be responsible for successfully optimizing the development and delivery of AI and ML to: 1) evangelize external AI patent policies; 2) enhance the patent customer experience for the masses; and 3) chart the strategic roadmap for internal AI production that ensures the employees using patent systems will have the tools they need for thorough search and examination.


The primary role of the Senior Level Artificial Intelligence Expert will be to provide leadership and expertise in bridging the gap between areas of opportunity for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Research Scientist(s) developing proof of concepts to Software Engineer(s) putting AI into production by possessing deep understanding of trends and strategies for identifying solutions to meet mission critical business areas of opportunity. The Senior Level for AI will also be responsible for the following:

  • Providing expert technical advice to Chief Information Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer and participating in high-level decision-making regarding production and operational implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure/architecture throughout the enterprise including expert knowledge of state-of-the-art approaches;
  • Demonstrate thought leadership to advise on AI and automation strategy and detailed use cases development by business units;
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of security and Artificial Intelligence and ability to convey understanding of implications of training data;
  • Demonstrate capabilities of knowledge representation, learning and search: graph/ontology/taxonomy experts to design and maintain knowledge representations or metadata structures and apply these in learning processes, knowledge storage, search, navigation and retrieval;
  • Lead strategy engagements with mission critical internal business units to create clear and actionable strategic AI roadmaps and supporting business cases that both delineate a broader end-game, while also prioritizing quick wins with near-term measurable impact;
  • Actively develop and maintain client relationships with senior leadership as an advisor on Artificial Intelligence;
  • Advising and evaluating requirements for IT procurement solicitations related to Artificial Intelligence;
  • Facilitates and collaborates patent and trademark stakeholders to elicit, analyze, and define software features and functionality consistent with customer needs, expectations, and constraints supporting mission driven Artificial Intelligence;
  • Identifying and communicating tangible business benefits and overseeing the preparation of step-by-step transition guides to ensure successful adoption and implementation of new methodologies;
  • Experience discussing a wide range of strategic imperatives across functional, operational and technological issues;
  • Practical Business and Technical Architecture experience (business / operation models, personas, process modelling); and
  • Meeting with external stakeholders, gathering feedback, and designing flexible solutions to unite conflicting stakeholder views.

Conditions of Employment

  • You must be a U.S. Citizen or National.
  • Required to pass a background investigation and fingerprint check.
  • Must be registered for Selective Service, if applicable (www.sss.gov).
  • Financial Disclosure Report (OGE-278) will be required upon appointment.

To learn more and apply by 11/8, visit  http://bit.ly/AITEjobatUSPTO.

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