AI2 is looking for a talented Senior Frontend Engineer to join the Aristo Engineering team.  Aristo Engineering works closely with research scientists to build cutting edge platforms that not only allow researchers to move faster, but also directly drive research goals and accomplishments.

Why This Role Is Important

Aristo is a system that acquires and stores a vast amount of knowledge in computable form, then applies this knowledge to answer science questions from standardized exams. We are at the forefront of designing and building systems that integrate deep learning with common-sense knowledge. Our goal is to build systems that exhibit reasoning and understanding about science and common sense knowledge. Aristo Engineering provides a platform that allows researchers to experiment, validate and deploy their new ideas as efficiently and easily as possible. As a Senior Frontend engineer on the Aristo project you will help:

  • Design and build the front-end for our existing experimentation platform that provides simple means to analyze and understand complex experiments and metrics
  • Design and build a new product that seeks to catalyze reproducible AI research

What You’ll Learn (Or Teach Us, Or Both)

  • How to deliver amazing customer value in an iterative manner
  • How to best communicate, visualize, and understand constantly evolving research technology (such as deep learning systems) within a modern experimentation platform.
  • How to translate the needs and requirements of individual researchers into a general platform that provides leverage to all researchers within Aristo as well as the AI community as a whole.

What You Bring to AI2

  • Expertise in standard front-end engineering technologies (We use ECMAScript 6, React, Webpack, Mocha, LESS, and D3.js).
  • An eye for design that helps create experiences that are both simple and delightful to use.
  • A perpetual desire to both learn and teach.  The cutting edge in systems and research changes quickly. We require a strong learner who is eager to dive in, learn and then share this knowledge with the rest of the team.
  • Strong collaboration skills.  We are a small team, working closely together to leverage each other’s superpowers as well as cover each other’s weaknesses.
  • The ability to meld both the short-term needs and priorities with our long-term vision in day-to-day, iteration-to-iteration, and quarter-to-quarter decisions.
  • The ability to move across our stack when necessary to help meet our team’s goals (We run on Kubernetes and use Go and PostgreSQL for backend systems).
  • A proven track record of getting things done.

Do some or all of these sound like you? Contact us!

About The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)

Why AI2

In addition to AI2’s core mission of being a leader in the field of AI research, we also aim to create a superb team environment and to invest in each team member’s personal development.

Some highlights are:

We are a learning organization – because everything AI2 does is ground-breaking, we are learning every day. Similarly, through weekly AI2 Academy lectures, a wide variety of world-class AI experts as guest speakers, and our commitment to your personal on-going education, AI2 is a place where you will have opportunities to continue learning right alongside us;

We value diversity of thought – we seek Software Engineers who can bring novel experiences and modes of problem solving to our leading-edge mission. If you are creative and efficient in your approach and insightful in your questioning, AI2 could be a great environment for you;

We emphasize a healthy work/life balance – we believe our team members are happiest and most productive when their work/life balance is optimized. While we value powerful research results which drive our mission forward, we also value dinner with family, weekend time, and vacation time. We offer generous paid vacation and sick leave as well as family leave;

We are collaborative and transparent – we consider ourselves a team, all moving with a common purpose. We are quick to cheer our successes, and even quicker to share and jointly problem solve our failures;

We are in Seattle – and our office is on the water! We have mountains, we have lakes, we have four seasons, we bike to work, we have a vibrant theater scene, and we have so much else. We even have kayaks for you to paddle right outside our front door;

We are friendly – chances are you will like every one of the 50+ (and growing!) people who work here. We do!