Here’s what you’ll be doing:

You will come to learn our hardware, software, firmware, materials and designs inside and out. You’ll tackle the problems we understand and the ones we don’t, discovering root causes and working with teams across the company to develop solutions.

When our customers encounter difficulties, whether it’s the Glowforge app, the internals of their Glowforge, the design they’re working with or the materials they’re using, you’ll help them get back on track. You’ll gather and organize the details we need, write excellent bug reports, and notice emerging patterns.

You’ll make our team stronger and more efficient. As a senior leader on the team, when the rest of the Customer Success team doesn’t know what to do about a new tricky issue, they’ll turn to you. When our methods for researching issues are clumsy, you’ll invent or fine tune our processes and tools. You’ll notice trends and help us stay ahead of them.

You’ll pride yourself on your empathy, patience, and creative problem-solving skills. Laser aficionados and newbies alike will be delighted to talk to you and rave to their friends about the top-notch customer service you provide.

More practically, you’ll  be:

  • Troubleshooting the tricky questions. Why did a customer’s Glowforge unit make that noise? Is the laser supposed to do that? Why did that thing not work for them?
  • Communicating elegantly. You’ll respond to our customer’s complex questions with simple, easy to understand emails, and you’ll work across departments at Glowforge to identify solutions.
  • Writing. You’ll create both technical troubleshooting documents that are used by the team internally and self service articles that get our customers back on track.
  • Sharing. You’ll share your expertise with the Customer Success team so that they develop impeccable practices for technical support.
  • Learning. You’ll be paying attention to what our customers are thrilled and bothered by, and leading projects to improve our process and our product.
  • Breathing. You’ll keep a positive disposition and level head even during the worst of times – late on a holiday when someone’s rightfully upset because something’s broken, and you’re the only one they have to talk to about it.

You need these qualifications:

  • You have a four-year technical degree or equivalent experience.
  • You are very good at troubleshooting technical problems across web services, internet connections, hardware, and software.
  • You write well, communicate clearly, and listen like a champion.
  • You are a trusted mentor, and the people you work with think of you as someone who helps them grow and learn.
  • You’re available to work evenings and weekends during crunch times to meet our customer’s needs.

View the full job description here: https://glowforge.com/jobs/technical-customer-support-specialist

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About Glowforge

Glowforge is a wireless 3D laser printer that fits on your desktop, works with your favorite design programs, and stores your designs & data on a cloud. Using beams of light the width of a hair, it carves and engraves gorgeous products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic, and more. Our project is the biggest crowdfunding campaign in history, with $27.9M in pre-orders in just 30 days. People love what we are creating and can't wait to get it!

Our company is a rapidly growing start-up located in Seattle. We have put together a team of incredible people who we are humbled and excited to call our co-workers. We hail from tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple, and top startups like Tableau, Tesla, and Evernote. One thing we have all have in common? We want to see a future where printing a wallet (or a lamp, or a birthday card, or a stunning sushi wrap) is just as easy as printing a resume.