DCI is seeking a full-time, passionate, senior level software engineer to help develop mobile applications that interface with new and existing products. Join our enthusiastic, extremely talented team as we develop cutting-edge applications that are revolutionizing the Horizontal Directional Drilling industry. You will be able to take pride in your work as you see your code become an integral part of our hardware and software navigation solutions that solve real-world problems and are used by real customers.

The DCI Software Engineering organization is pedantic about writing clean, quality, reusable source code; further, we also strongly believe in creative freedom for the developer, place trust in him or her, and tend to not micromanage. You will be responsible for writing production-level code and implementing intuitive user interfaces. You will develop applications for new product lines as well as adding new functionality to existing applications.

What you bring:
• Self-driven, results oriented developer who strives to write clean, modular and well commented code without taking short-cuts and drives their software through the ‘final 10%’ to take a product to market.
• Successfully taken at least one product to market that was written in Xamarin for iOS and Android.
• Willingness to work on a team and can work in a fluid, highly collaborative environment.
• Passion for writing software and building stuff.

• B.S. degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering from an accredited university
• 6+ years of industry experience
• Strong experience with writing mobile applications for iOS and Android in C# using Xamarin
• Comprehensive understanding of data structures and algorithm topics
• Experience with concurrency topics (i.e., asynchronous programming)

• Showcase exciting projects he or she built in either an industrial or at-home setting.
• Knowledge of UI/UX design principles and data visualization to create a polished, intuitive user experience is strongly desired.
• Experience with Xamarin Forms.
• Knowledge with wire-framing prototypes.
• Experience developing Xamarin applications for UWP is a plus.

About Digital Control Inc

Digital Control Incorporated is the world’s leading supplier of underground locating and steering products for the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry. Digital Control invented, and was first to market, innovative underground guidance technology allowing contractors to control the pitch angle of the drill head tooling and measure its depth below ground. Since the introduction of this revolutionary technology over 20 years ago, Digital Control has been at the forefront of trenchless technologies that enable the efficient distribution of underground utilities, fiber optic, telecom, gas, sewer and water lines. Our products are used around the world by distribution contractors and are valued for their durable design, ease of use, and Digital Control’s uncompromising commitment to customer service.