About Maxset Worldwide Inc.

Want to help build the first truly free, private and token-based cloud enterprise for students, work, research, gov, and more.  Knaxim.com is the beginning of a brand of "cloudroomz" around the world offering full speech recognition with instant intelligent search of ALL your documents, pictures, video and more.

We believe you own your content and should be able to control it and share it with whomever you choose.  Break free and work for something bigger than Google or Microsoft or Facebook, the chance to really truly create technological freedom around the world over night!

The future is in your hands with Knaxim.com. On this platform you help evolve, you keep and control the access to all your data, sharing it with your own teams and individuals.

  • Cloud UX/UI React.js Developer

    Maxset Worldwide Inc. Seattle startup with Bay Area brains, and a taste for Texas BBQ.
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    • Posted 1 month ago