The fascinating faces and fabulous cosplay of Emerald City Comic Con

The Washington State Convention Center is overflowing this weekend with fans of comics, games, fantasy and pop culture for the annual Emerald City Comic Con, the largest comic convention in the Pacific Northwest. Many of them come dressed in elaborate costumes of their favorite characters.

Here are photos of some of our favorite cosplay characters that we encountered at the show on Saturday.

Black Panther – Cosplayer: @ugoandcosplay
Thor – Cosplayer: @diegocosplay
Korg – Cossplayer: @rawrbomb

K-2SO – Cosplayer: @cossmithcosplay
She Hulk – Cosplayer: @veloria.solo.cosplay
Shuri – Cosplayer: @girldissolving

Cirilla – Cosplayer: @brandida_
Rocket Raccoon – Cosplayer: @calendargirlcosplay
Alduin – Cosplayer: @ladyduvessa