The biggest take aways from Black Friday and the ultimate challenge for Alexa: Cook our lunch

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Geared up co-hosts Todd Bishop, left, and Andru Edwards are ready to go hands-on with this week’s gadgets. (GeekWire Photo / Clare McGrane)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (or “the turkey five,” as Amazon calls the post-Thanksgiving shopping season) are done, and with it came some interesting news.

Apple had a rough weekend, with its stock falling considerably, and Geared Up co-host Todd Bishop was surprised by the second biggest seller on Black Friday: His daughter’s favorite toy, the LOL Surprise! Dolls.

We dig into all the Black Friday news on this weeks show, including a hands-on demonstration of the LOL Surprise! Doll experience.

Plus, we go hands-on with two other big-name items heading into the holiday season: Microsoft’s new Surface Headphones and the Amazon Basics Microwave, complete with Alexa.

While the headphones got a thumbs up from the co-hosts, they were more hesitant when it comes to the microwave. It successfully reheated Todd’s lunch (a frozen burrito) but co-host Andru Edwards was skeptical that it adds any real value to a home. Plus, the material is distinctly cheap and the size and power aren’t very impressive.

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