Jeff Bezos tweets his vote of support for constructing a ‘superhighway in space’

Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos chats with GeekWire’s Alan Boyle at the 2016 Space Symposium in Colorado, with a picture of Blue Origin’s New Shepard passenger capsule displayed in the background. (Tom Kimmell Photography / Courtesy of the Space Foundation)

What should Donald Trump have NASA do? Today Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos voiced his support for the idea that the space agency should help build a “highway in the sky” analogous to the interstate highway system that President Dwight Eisenhower ramped up in the 1950s.

The backing came in the form of an eight-word tweet, accompanied by a link to an article by Howard Bloom appearing in Salon (and as a guest blog posting on Scientific American’s website as well).

Bloom, who made a name for himself as a music industry publicist in the ’70s and ’80s, is now an advocate for space commercialization and the founder of the Space Development Sterring Committee.

It’s rare that Bezos tweets at all, but Bloom’s posting – and Bezos’ endorsement – are notable for several other reasons:

What does all this add up to? Maybe not much more than eight words – or maybe a whole new perspective on NASA’s human spaceflight program. Let’s see what happens once the new administration fills out its space policy team, which will most likely be led by Vice President Mike Pence.