In a glass all her own: Amazon designer creates Spheres dress to model for photo contest

Sheridan Martin poses in front of Amazon’s Spheres wearing a spheres dress that she designed and constructed. (Instagram Photo / @sheridanzig)

Remember when Seattle fashion stereotypes used to be defined by fleece, or sandals with socks? Amazon really is changing everything.

Artist and designer Sheridan Martin has created a dress that celebrates The Spheres, the glass greenhouse structures that are currently being built north of downtown Seattle. Her Instagram posts showing the creation and modeling of the dress were called out on Monday morning by The Evergrey.

Sheridan, who works as a design technologist at Amazon, made her fashion statement as part of an employee contest soliciting the best images of The Spheres.

“The dress is fabric (tough to see in this photo, but the top is sky, the corset is the silhouette of the building behind, and the underskirt is printed with leaves to represent the greenhouse/living wall they’re putting in) and the sphere skirt is made of tracing paper, wood dowels, cardstock, gaff tape, and a heck of a lot of glue,” Sheridan said in an Instagram caption replying to The Evergrey.

She said the Spheres skirt and the dress under it were totally handmade — “no pattern, all custom designed and fit.”

Check out more images of the dress from Martin’s Instagram (below), and visit her feed to see more of her creations.