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Microsoft gathered 7,000 employees from the company’s Operating Systems Group gathered in Redmond to form a massive 12. Photo via MIcrosoft.

From blue and green jerseys everywhere to the 12 flags flying atop skyscrapers, Seattle has been full of 12th Man passion ever since the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl a few weeks ago.

Technology companies have also showed their Seahawks love in various forms. Microsoft probably pulled the biggest stunt when 7,000 employees from the company’s Operating Systems Group gathered in Redmond to form a massive 12 that looked pretty freaking awesome.

Others have come up with their own ways to celebrate the Seahawks, who beat Denver this past Sunday to win their first Super Bowl ever. Let’s recap what we’ve seen thus far:



We’ve already noted the big “12,” but you can’t forget that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns the Seahawks. He won his first championship as a sports franchise owner and had the opportunity to play with his band at the Hawks post-game celebration party.

Microsoft’s other co-founder also showed his 12th Man support:


Photo via Cliff Despeaux.
Photo via Cliff Despeaux.

As an ode to Richard Sherman’s epic defensive play that secured Seattle’s spot in the Super Bowl, Expedia created a huge poster on the side of its company HQ in Bellevue.



RealNetworks, which just moved into a new office space down the street from CenturyLink Field, is giving away 12GB of free storage on RealPlayer Cloud for anyone who shares a celebration video through the service. Submissions must be posted to Twitter or Facebook and have the hashtag #GoHawks12.



ExtraHop probably had the geekiest display of Hawks love, putting the numbers “00001100″ — the binary representation of the number twelve — in the windows of its downtown headquarters.

They also made these sweet shirts:

Uber, Lyft


Both ride-sharing companies that allow customers to hail rides with their smartphones showed 12th Man pride, albeit in different ways.

Lyft swapped out those pink mustaches for a Seahawks-themed stache’ on the front of its cars, as you can see above.

Uber, meanwhile, got creative with how it showed available cars on the Uber app:



Ratio, a Seattle-based digital agency focused on mobile apps, organized a scavenger hunt and awarded one lucky winner with an all-expense paid trip to the Super Bowl.



Lively, the Seattle startup that helps musicians earn money off of concerts by making audio and video available to fans after the performances, is hosting a post celebration parade after-party with Vita Coco on Wednesday at the Lively Lounge.

The company is giving away tickets to the event by having people download its app and add the “Beast Mode Celebration Party,” to their library.



Though it wasn’t Google’s idea, construction workers building Google’s new office in Kirkland showed their Seahawks passion by painting a massive logo on the construction site. One worker from SRM Development drew the logo by hand and then used a grid to paint the giant logo itself.



Maveron’s Dan Levitan of Seattle, a Hawks fan and sports nut whose true love is Duke basketball, had a bet going with Foundry Group’s Seth Levine of Boulder: The stipulations: If the Broncos win, Levitan gives $5,000 to the Children’s Hospital Colorado. If the Seahawks win, Levine gives the same to Seattle Children’s.

Of course, the Hawks won, so Levine donated $5,000 to Seattle’s Children’s. Pitchbook, a Seattle-based provider of information and analysis for the private equity industry, jumped into the bet, donating $50 for every point scored during the game to the winning team’s Children’s Hospital.

Crown Social

1 (3)

The Seattle social media agency created a photo booth that lets people take a selfie as Richard Sherman. Just brilliant.



Bellevue-based T-Mobile, which has been a major supporter of the Seahawks in a variety of ways throughout the year, lighted its headquarters building in green and blue, and tweeted this message of support earlier today.

Updated with additional company info.

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