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It’s pretty miserable out here right now at Seattle’s University Village, with the rain and cold, but there’s still the traditional line stretching around the building from the entrance at the Apple Store.

Otto Wiskerchen, first in line again. His shirt reads: I visited the Apple campus. But that's all I'm allowed to say.

Yep, it’s launch day for the new iPad, and GeekWire talked with a sampling of people standing in line to find out what, exactly, inspired them to stand in line for this thing. Some of the answers might surprise you.

And the guy at the front of the line may look familiar.

Otto Wiskerchen, waiting in line since 2 p.m. yesterday: I use my iPad for work a lot, I read a lot of technical manuals, so the crisper display, and the idea that it’s supposed to look like a glossy magazine page, is very appealing to me.

But even more important than that, as of yet, I’ve only had the WiFi versions, I haven’t had any of the 3G or now the 4G, so I’m actually stepping up the game.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson, Seattle: When the iPad 2 came out, for about a month there was a shortage on certain types, so you could upsell them for $300, $400, $500.

We’re hoping for the same situation. The thought is that with the AT&T 64GB, which are generally the ones that go first, we can sell them for $200 or $300 or $400 each. So there’s six of us out here and we can each buy two. So that will be 12 times $200-$400 and then we’re taking a mission trip to Brazil, so it’s just going to be some extra funding.

Robin Ricks

Robin Ricks, Seattle, first-time iPad buyer: I think it’s my homage to Steve Jobs.

Sean Nixon: To always stay on the cutting edge. I like being on that bleeding edge and always having the latest product. For me, it’s the new chip inside, and also the retina display, and also the camera.

Those three things are making my decision. I got rid of my other one yesterday, and now I’ve got some cash to pick up a new one today.

Sean Nixon

How long have you been out here?

Since 5 (this morning).

The guy up front, he came out at 2 yesterday. He waited overnight. So you’re not that hard-core.

I’m more experienced is what it is. I know I can get here at 5 and still be reasonably close.

Ardi Bramayoga, Seattle: I want to get it on the first day. I like to upgrade every time a new model comes out. I want to use it as long as I can before I upgrade to the new one.

You’re getting rid of your old one?

Ardi Bramayoga

Yeah, I gave it to my girlfriend.

What in particular makes you want the new iPad?

The display. When I upgraded from the 3GS to the iPhone 4, the retina display amazed me, so I guess this one will give me the same impression.

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