Name that Tech Tune: Whose rockin’ band is this?

Updated below with answer and winner. Technology and music often go hand-in-hand, and this week’s Name that Tech Tune challenge is a prime example. It’s a snippet from a band led by a well-known person from the technology industry. Here’s the challenge: Can you name this person? Up for grabs is a pair of tickets… Read More


GeekWire Calendar picks: Robothon, Decibel Festival, Bootstrap Week and more

Sure enough, as the chilly winds of fall start blowing in, Pacific Northwesterners leave their rooftop parties and outdoor picnics and start moving indoors for warmer surroundings. We also find events becoming increasingly content-driven as the “back to school” feeling takes hold. Here’s some events, both educational and of lighter fare to help you ease… Read More


Using Facebook to predict the future, and save lives: Special meetup with Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Facebook posts often seem like throwaway items, but they can actually serve as an early warning system to identify young adults at risk of substance abuse, depression or worse. That’s the underlying premise of work being done by Dr. Megan Moreno and her team at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Their research also points… Read More


It’s GeekWire Summit time: What to know if you’re going to our big tech conference

We’re looking forward to seeing more than 700 of you for the GeekWire Summit, the Pacific Northwest’s premier technology conference, taking place Thursday Sept. 12 in downtown Seattle. If you’re attending, here’s what you need to know. GeekWire Summit Location: Sheraton Seattle, 1400 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98101. Time: Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 12, followed by welcome and… Read More


Plants vs. Zombies: Who’s behind this epic corn maze?

The people at PopCap Games shared the picture above this morning, saying only that it’s somewhere in Oregon. Also, they insist they didn’t pay for it — which is all the more impressive, because it’s obviously some great advertising for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Hmm, maybe the video below will reveal who created it.

Caught between casualness and formality, the serious coffee shop interview is tough not to notice. (Photo: Mónica Guzmán)

Awkward blend: Job interviews and coffee shops

Everything looked just as I expected inside the Uptown Espresso in Belltown. Then I noticed the dress. Deep red, form fitting and smart, it looked good on the young woman sitting ten feet in front of me. She who wore it with a cardigan, black shoes and — whoa wait is that pantyhose? Daring a… Read More

Natalie Fonseca

Privacy is suddenly very hot: Events see influx of interest after NSA revelations

This is the fourth year of the Privacy Identity Innovation conference, which will draw hundreds of people to Seattle’s Bell Harbor International Conference Center in a few weeks. But looking at the initial registrations, conference co-founder Natalie Fonseca was pleasantly surprised at the number of first-time attendees signing up. “There are more people paying attention to… Read More


Seattle vs. Portland: Oh yeah, it’s game time

If you didn’t hear, there’s a little soccer match taking place Sunday. Yep, 67,000 screaming fans are expected at a sold out CenturyLink Field in Seattle for an epic Sounders-Timbers match that has all sorts of story lines: The first home match for U.S. soccer stud and newly-signed Sounders midfield Clint Dempsey. Possible playoff implications…. Read More


Name that Tech Tune: Recognize this classic bass line?

Updated below with answer and winner. We continue our tour of classic video games on this week’s Name that Tech Tune challenge, with an arcade favorite that featured a foreboding bass line. This will sound very familiar to many people out there, but can you accurately identify the game? (For me personally, it took me… Read More


Xfinity X1: How Comcast roped me back in to cable

Over the years I’ve treated my TV viewing as a personal sport — with the primary objective of getting as much of my favorite content as I can while spending as little money as humanly possible. At various times I’ve plugged my Mac into my television using an HDMI adapter, used the PlayOn service to stream… Read More