GeekWire Calendar Highlights: Startup Grind, DevCon5 and Code Chix

You know, sometimes you just need to take a break from all the holiday cooking, cleaning, shopping, planning and stressing. Here’s some upcoming holiday-free events picked from the GeekWire calendar. These events are chock-full of information, education and inspiration, just what you need as you prepare to move ahead into 2014. (P.S. Don’t worry, there’s… Read More


Here they are: GeekWire’s 2013 Newsmakers of the Year

It has been a giant year for news at many of the Seattle region’s technology companies — with successful IPOs, historic transitions, surprising technology plans and comeback stories keeping the GeekWire news team busy throughout the year. And with that as the backdrop, we are pleased to present an annual tradition, the unveiling of the… Read More


Poll: Who has the best geek mustache in Seattle?

There was a bit of mustache mania going on this past month as dudes everywhere participated in the annual Movember challenge, raising awareness and money for mens’ health by showcasing their staches. We saw some wild and wacky whiskers here in Seattle, asking members of the GeekWire community to submit their handlebars, walruses and horseshoes… Read More


GoldieBlox drops girl-power parody of Beastie Boys’ song, pledges to stop legal fight

Well, that was quick. GoldieBlox has pulled the parody of the Beastie Boys’ song “Girls” from its latest ad, saying that the company doesn’t want to fight with the band. The company recently filed a lawsuit to attempt to secure its ability to use the song, after the band’s lawyers sent GoldieBlox “threats” surrounding the… Read More

Movember-Bedell_Mo_112311 (1)-featuredreal

It’s Movember: So, send us photos of those super staches

Have you noticed a bit more facial hair around the office this month? Yep, it’s Movember — that wonderfully hairy time of year when guys throughout the world show off their handlebars and walruses to the amusement and sometimes disgust of their colleagues, co-workers and family members. It’s all in good fun, with folks raising… Read More


Geeks Give Back: Support Seattle Children’s Research Institute at this year’s GeekWire Gala

‘Tis the season to get geeky. And give back! We’re getting excited for the geekiest holiday bash of the season, with more than 800 expected at the big GeekWire Gala next Wednesday at the fabulously festive Museum of History & Industry in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. And while we’ll raise a toast to an exciting… Read More


Photos: Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who

  Yesterday was the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who — the iconic and award-winning British sci-fi TV show which first aired in 1963. There were parties happening all over the world on Saturday, so I dropped by the Scarecrow Video bash and the EMP celebration in Seattle. The line to get in to EMP… Read More


Sci-fi nerds look to open new museum in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. has museums devoted to art, aerospace, history, and even, textiles. So, what about the futuristic worlds of science fiction? Well, a new effort is in place to bring a Museum of Science Fiction to the nation’s capital, establishing a “permanent center for the science fiction community and culture.” In fact, screenwriter Greg Viggiano,… Read More


Fun new GoldieBlox video engineers a new image for girls

You might be hearing a lot of talk on gender flipping these days and the newest thing to get the “flip” is children’s toys. By no means is this a new controversy, as people have been trying to change outdated gender-specific toys such as Mattel’s Barbie for decades. However, GoldieBlox (a company with Seattle ties… Read More


It’s time to kill the password — before it kills us

It’s time to shoot the password. And multiple screens are the trigger. I had this epiphany when wrestling with one Rhapsody music service on two devices using three pieces of software. Firing up the Rhapsody Android smartphone app, I unexpectedly was prompted for my password. Okay, I figured, the app had been updated and needed… Read More

San Juan islands. Photo via San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau.

Earthquake may have severed underwater cable that caused Internet and phone outage in San Juan islands

Thousands of residents in the San Juan islands northwest of Seattle have been operating without phone or Internet service for a week after an underwater cable was mysteriously severed. Now, more information is coming to light about the cause of the problem. CenturyLink says it has identified both ends of the severed cable, which had… Read More


Amazon and Microsoft bite back, Twitter takes the plunge, and more quotes of the week

Some of the best quotes, comments and random zingers from the past week … “We appreciate Bloomberg’s foray into fiction and look forward to future episodes.” — Microsoft’s Frank Shaw, as quoted in the news service’s story about purported Microsoft CEO candidate Stephen Elop’s supposed plans for the company. “Well, you could just give it… Read More

1997 as seen from 1965

When technology – and time – overtake research

For the past three decades, I have been a psychological test subject. Not in a creepy NSA-and-tin-foil-hat kind of way, but as part of a long-term study designed to understand how mental abilities change as people age. Yet as time affects cognition, technology is encroaching on the study itself. The Seattle Longitudinal Study is something… Read More