Nuking Facebook: 30 days later, the fallout

A month ago I did the unthinkable. I quit Facebook. There’s a lot you might learn from my experience, even if you never follow me. I didn’t bail in a pique over privacy or ethically questionable emotion experiments. I was fed up with the time-wasting inconsistency of a news feed that Facebook algorithmically displays in… Read More


How to win at PAX Prime: Tips from a PAX veteran

Heading to PAX Prime this weekend? So am I! In fact, I’ve attended every day of every PAX Prime since 2006, when a 3-day all-weekend pass cost just $35—the same price as a one-day pass to PAX Prime 2014. All told I’ve spent 25 days at PAX over the last 8 years. Based on those… Read More

Video thumbnail for youtube video Epic: Bill Gates geeks out on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - GeekWire

Epic: Bill Gates geeks out on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Lots of big-time tech execs have been taking the “Ice Bucket Challenge” this week, dumping buckets of cold water over their heads to raise awareness for ALS, but Bill Gates takes things to a whole new level in this video, just posted online. Gotta love that blowtorch! But really, Comic Sans on the blueprints? Come… Read More


The problem with the police’s plea to ‘Tweet Smart’

Considering this week’s events in Ferguson, Missouri, isn’t it smartest for the public to tweet more real-time police activity in some emergencies, not less? A coalition of local law enforcement agencies, including the Seattle Police Department, recently put out a public plea that seemed tough to argue with. “Seattle-area law enforcement agencies are asking you to ‘Tweet Smart’… Read More

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Some of the happiest states in the U.S. are the most ‘connected’

What makes you happy? Sunshine. Long walks on the beach. A cool mountain stream. How about Internet connectivity? A poll conducted by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that those states with the best home Internet connections, also happened rank high for having the happiest people. “Statistically significant evidence exists to conclude, in general, people who live… Read More


Geeky study: Yes, Geocaching can help you lose weight

When you think about geocaching, the first thing that probably comes to mind are GPS-enabled nerds walking around the woods or city streets in search of hidden treasure. Well, that’s in part true. But there’s actually more to the hobby then meets the eye — or the waist line for that matter. A new study… Read More


GeekWire Calendar Picks: DeveloperWeek, Seattle Sports Tech Meetup, and more

San Francisco’s largest week-long tech event series is coming to Seattle. DeveloperWeek Seattle brings together hundreds of developers, technology executives, and startup founders “not just to learn new skills — but to build new apps, get jobs, and connect to the Seattle tech scene,” according to the event organizers. The week will kick off Friday… Read More


Facebook, you are dead to me … for now

Friends, and you are my “friends:” I’m giving up on Facebook. No more status updates, no more vacation photos, no more links to interesting columns (even those I haven’t written). While I’ll leave what I’ve posted over the past eight years up for now, I will no longer participate in what has become a time-wasting farce. Why?… Read More


Quiz Masters! Scenes from GeekWire Tech Trivia Night

The GeekWire team had a blast hanging out with more than 250 of you last night for GeekWire Tech Trivia Night at the Spitfire in Seattle. Thanks to everyone who joined us, and a big thanks to our event sponsors — Avvo, Greythorn, Groupon and Filter — for helping to make the night possible. The competition was fierce,… Read More


Name that Tech Tune: Chance to win a pass to MozCon

This week’s Name that Tech Tune challenge has a World Cup theme, with a great prize up for grabs: We’re giving away one pass to MozCon, the annual inbound marketing conference in Seattle, organized by Moz. The event, coming up July 14-16 in Seattle, is all about getting ahead on the web and mobile, featuring sessions… Read More

A sold-out crowd greets Glenn Greenwald at Town Hall Seattle Tuesday night. (Photo: Monica Guzman)

3 ways Glenn Greenwald changed how I look at privacy

Glenn Greenwald doesn’t mince words. The government is “truly devoted to the elimination of privacy in the digital age,” the lawyer and journalist told a sold-out crowd of 850 at Town Hall Seattle Tuesday night. “That’s not hyperbole.” It’s a call to arms. And part of it got to me. Seattle was Greenwald’s first stop… Read More


Hello, Google Glass: Microsoft tries to patent touch input for eyeglass frames

Microsoft has filed for a patent on methods of using touch input to interact with smart glasses — including techniques very similar to the approach used by the Google Glass augmented reality glasses. The application, spotted by the blog Microsoft-News.com, seeks to patent multi-touch interactions with eyewear by tapping, pressing, swiping or pinching sensors located in the frame, lens or… Read More

World Cup. Photo via Shutterstock

The madness begins: Join GeekWire’s World Cup pool

Do you have World Cup fever? We do! And now you can join the greatest four-week spectacle in sports as a participant in GeekWire’s World Cup Challenge, a fun competition in which you’ll get the chance to pick who will hoist the “Copa Mundial” in Rio de Janeiro on July 13. The World Cup pits the… Read More


I see dead words: Terminology that technology has left behind

There are words that are dead. They just don’t know it yet. The advance of technology has left, in its wake, zombie terminology. It’s the verbal equivalent of junk DNA, inserted as anchorless references in complex strings of day-to-day communication. Sometimes, it might cause us to briefly hesitate. While the words flow from our mouth or keypad,… Read More