How the Christmas shipping debacle will alter online retail

Just how bad were this week’s Christmas shipping delays? Online retail rating firm StellaService conducted its own test of last-minute package delivery, placing 75 orders from 25 retailers prior to each online store’s holiday cut-off date. The firm reports on its blog: “Eight retailers – or 32% – failed to deliver at least one order by Christmas…. Read More

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Zappos to let Pinterest users show picks via PinPointing

With all the social networking and such online it was only a matter of time until shopping got more into the act, too. Zappos has announced a new page called PinPointing that recommends products based on Pinterest posts. As Bloomberg reports, San Francisco-based Zappos Labs created PinPointing, which loads Zappos products — shoes, clothes, etc…. Read More


Angry shopper sues Amazon over data theft at

Just three days after online shoe retailer suffered a serious data breach, a Texas woman has sued over the matter. Bloomberg News reports that Amazon, which owns Zappos, violated “consumer credit laws by failing to protect her personal information.” Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh wrote a message to customers earlier this week explaining the… Read More


Hacker infiltrates Zappos network, gets customer info but not full credit cards’s Zappos and its sister shopping site 6pm are informing users this weekend that portions of their internal network and systems have been infiltrated in a cyberattack. Full credit-card and payment data were not accessed, according to messages from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh to employees and customers. Still, customers will be required to reset their… Read More