Yoky Matsuoka

How Yoky Matsuoka created the modern robotic hand, and what the rest of us can learn from her

Editor’s Note: Yoky Matsuoka, the former University of Washington computer science professor, is one of the subjects of the new book, “Mastery,” by Robert Greene, set for publication this week. This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Viking Press. In order to learn a subject or skill, particularly one that is complex, we must immerse ourselves in… Read More

Yoky Matsuoka

Nest tech chief Yoky Matsuoka officially flying the coop at UW

Yoky Matsuoka, the vice president of technology for Silicon Valley startup Nest, won’t be returning to the University of Washington, where she has been a longtime computer science professor and the director of a research center exploring the intersection of people and machines. She’ll be replaced by UW biology professor Tom Daniel as the director… Read More


Newsmakers 2011: Yoky Matsuoka links humans to devices, from thermostats to robots

Yoky Matsuoka has long been interested in the frontiers of human interaction with machines, exploring new ways for the nervous system to work in conjunction with robotics and other mechanical devices. In 2011 the University of Washington associate professor pushed that work forward on two fronts — inside the research lab, and inside a thermostat…. Read More