Microsoft’s Nadella defends Xbox business, says console is key part of the family

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella this morning responded to critics of the company’s Xbox business, defending its significance and making it clear that Microsoft won’t be spinning off its console anytime soon. The statements came as part of a larger strategy memo from Nadella to Microsoft employees, released this morning at the outset of the company’s new fiscal year. Here’s… Read More


It’s official: Sony is the king of the consoles again

It took eight years, but Sony is once again king of the consoles. The company sold 18.7 million consoles worldwide in its last fiscal year, a number that includes sales from the PS4, PS3, PS2, PSP and PS Vita. For the first time in eight years, Sony trumped Nintendo, which sold 16.3 million consoles. Successful sales of the… Read More


Halo 1-4 coming to the Xbox One for $60; Microsoft to unlock Halo 5 beta in December

Halo fans — particularly those who prefer older versions of the classic game — might like what Microsoft announced this morning. The company will release a remastered compilation of its classic Halo games in a unified experience for its Xbox One later this year. The company announced the new “Master Chief Collection” this morning at the E3 video-game conference… Read More


WSJ: Titanfall sequel won’t be exclusive to Xbox One

While Titanfall has surely helped Microsoft sell more Xbox One consoles, it looks like the exclusive deal with Respawn Entertainment may be coming to an end. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning, just as Microsoft kicks off its E3 video game show press conference, that the next installment of Titanfall will be available on… Read More


Microsoft starts selling $399 Xbox One without Kinect sensor

Just as Microsoft is set to make announcements at the big E3 video game conference, the company today has begun selling a cheaper version of its Xbox One console. Previously announced in May, Microsoft is now offering a $399 Xbox One — $100 cheaper than normal — that comes without the Kinect sensor, its trademark accessory that… Read More


Halo 5 coming for Microsoft’s Xbox One in fall 2015, along with Spielberg’s Halo TV series

Microsoft will release “Halo 5: Guardians” in fall 2015 for Xbox One, marking the next major installment in the flagship Xbox game franchise. The company is also on track for a fall 2015 release of a new “Halo” television series being developed in collaboration with Steven Spielberg. The announcements were made this morning by Bonnie Ross of Microsoft’s… Read More


Bill Gates ‘absolutely’ supports spinning off Xbox biz, but Microsoft committed to gaming unit

Bill Gates may have voiced support for selling off Microsoft’s Xbox business, but the Redmond giant is making sure customers understand its commitment to the gaming platform. When asked in an interview with FOX News if he would support a decision to spin off the Xbox arm, Gates replied “absolutely.” But Microsoft quickly put any PR… Read More


Xbox One gets improved audio controls, ability to opt-in for speech data collection

Another Xbox One update is coming, and this time gamers will see improvements to the system’s audio features. The update, arriving later this month, will allow users to control volume for two different apps in the side-by-side “Snap” mode. Gamers will now be able to control the volume levels when using Kinect for chat. Also, in an effort to improve the… Read More

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Xbox TV boss: Microsoft CEO Nadella on board with original content push

Microsoft’s Xbox division this morning provided new details about its plans for original TV shows on the game console, including a comedy sketch show involving Sarah Silverman; a stop motion show involving Seth Green and the creators of the Robot Chicken franchise; and a robot-themed drama called “Humans” to be developed and broadcast in partnership with… Read More