Chart: Kinect surpasses 25% of Xbox 360 installed base

One piece of news disclosed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer here at the Consumer Electronics Show last night was that cumulative sales of Kinect have surpassed 18 million units since the motion controller for Xbox 360 launched in the fall of 2010. In addition, cumulative Xbox 360 sales have topped 66 million units worldwide, and… Read More


Chart: How we’re spending time on our game consoles

Millions of people are waking up to new video-game consoles under the tree this morning. But how they end up using their new consoles might surprise you. And it’s likely to differ depending on which console they receive. Data released recently by the Nielsen market research firm showed some interesting differences in usage patterns among the three… Read More


Microsoft sells record 1.7M Xbox 360s in U.S. in November

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 registered another month atop the U.S. console market in November, posting record sales as the peak holiday shopping season got under way. The Xbox 360 sold 1.7 million units in the U.S. in November, according to NPD Group data cited by the Redmond company. Numbers weren’t released for the competing Nintendo Wii… Read More


Microsoft’s big Xbox Live update is ‘slightly delayed’

The rollout of Microsoft’s Xbox Live dashboard update, originally planned for this morning, has been “slightly delayed,” according to a message posted on Twitter this morning by Xbox Live’s Larry Hyrb. Microsoft has since confirmed the news via email, without detailing the cause. “We are still working to get the release out,” the company said in… Read More


How Steve Jobs reacted to Microsoft’s Bungie acquisition

Microsoft recently marked the 10th anniversary of Halo, bringing back lots of fond memories of the blockbuster Xbox franchise. And of course we’ve been innundated with great stories about Steve Jobs since the Apple co-founder passed away early this year. But this week’s GeekWire podcast features a great story about both Jobs and Halo. Our guest,… Read More


Microsoft tries to reinvent TV ads in Xbox Live overhaul

Microsoft’s overhauled Xbox Live dashboard, rolling out this week, marks the start of a new effort by the company to change the way people interact with ads on television screens, using its Kinect motion sensor. The initiative shows how Microsoft is trying to grab a larger slice of the TV advertising market as it continues to… Read More


Report: Microsoft’s next Kinect sensor will read lips

An interesting report from Eurogamer today quotes an unnamed “development source” detailing Microsoft’s plans for the next version of its Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 — saying it “will be so powerful it will enable games to lip read, detect when players are angry, and determine in which direction they are facing.” Microsoft generally doesn’t comment… Read More


Microsoft marks Kinect’s first year with great video, old data

Microsoft this morning marked the upcoming first anniversary of its Kinect for Xbox 360 with this inspiring video showing how the motion sensor is expanding beyond the world of gaming, something it calls the “Kinect Effect.” (Via WinRumors) And the company offered up some news on that front, saying that Kinect for Windows will be available… Read More


Microsoft buys Twisted Pixel

Microsoft is now the proud owner of an undead marionette cowboy. If you haven’t played the crazy (and oddly fun) Xbox 360 game “The Gunstringer,” here’s the translation: Microsoft Studios has acquired Twisted Pixel Games, an independent studio based in Austin, Texas, known for the Xbox Live Arcade game “Splosion Man” and, more recently, Gunstringer —… Read More


Xbox Live TV: Details from Microsoft expected today

A few months back, Microsoft revealed plans to debut a new TV service through Xbox Live, with news, sports and local channels. Comcast and Verizon Communications are among the providers that will funnel content through the new service, according to a Bloomberg News report last week. Official details have been scarce up to this point,… Read More


Reviews: Gears of War 3 for Xbox 360 lives up to hype

Gears of War from Epic Games has been a huge video-game franchise for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It’s an important (and exclusive) component in the Redmond company’s effort to cater to hard-core gamers — the type of people who can debate the relative merits of pinkish red vs. cherry red spatters on the screen when Marcus… Read More


PAX: Master Chief, explosions and other Halo 4 highlights

Halo fans were lined up around the corner for a panel this morning on Halo 4 at Penny Arcade Expo, filling the Paramount Theater for inside details on the next installment of the blockbuster Xbox 360 franchise. Members of the development team from Microsoft’s 343 Industries didn’t reveal any huge secrets, but they gave a… Read More


PS3 gets the NFL … for a price

An announcement by Sony this afternoon could give the PlayStation 3 an edge over Microsoft’s Xbox 360 among a certain segment of sports fans … at least those with some spare cash to throw around. DirecTV is bringing the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription service to the console, the companies announced today. The price for the… Read More