Microsoft mum on Xbox One sales; notes 1.1M ‘Xbox consoles’ shipped in past 3 months

Microsoft hasn’t reported Xbox One sales statistics for quite some time, and that didn’t change with today’s quarterly earnings report. The company noted that it sold 1.1 million Xbox consoles to retailers worldwide in the past three months — that’s counting both Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. It’s unclear how many were actually sold to consumers…. Read More


Confirmed: Halo 5 won’t be developed for Xbox 360

Sorry, Xbox 360 holdouts: In case there was any doubt, Microsoft says Halo 5 won’t be released for its older game console. Announcing plans for the game this morning, Bonnie Ross of Microsoft’s 343 Industries said Halo 5 will be developed specifically for Xbox One. Responding to an inquiry from GeekWire, a Microsoft spokesman confirmed that the game… Read More


Don’t fall for this Xbox One-bricking prank

When Microsoft announced that the Xbox One wouldn’t be compatible with older Xbox 360 games, the Internet exploded in a massive outcry. Ever since, people have been searching for a way to play their favorite 360 games on Microsoft’s new console — yes, there is technically a way to do it — but that may… Read More


Your next Monopoly piece can be an Xbox 360 controller

Those who know Monopoly are familiar with classic pieces like the dog, top hat and wheelbarrow. But those are so old school now. In the newest version of the board game, Monopoly Empire, capitalism and big brands are the focus as players compete to “build an empire.” Instead of properties, every space on the board is a… Read More


POLL: Microsoft just made big policy changes — now will you buy an Xbox One?

Earlier this afternoon, Microsoft surprised the tech world by reversing its stance on some Xbox One policies that had angered many gamers for the past few weeks and gave Sony firepower to poke fun at its rival. Now, you won’t need to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours like Microsoft originally planned. Nor will there be any restrictions… Read More


Here’s how much games will cost on Microsoft’s Xbox One

Worried about Xbox One games hurting your wallet even more so than Xbox 360 titles already do? Here’s some relieving news for you. Microsoft’s first-party games (made by Microsoft Studios) for the Xbox One will sell for $60, the same price that new Xbox 360 games typically go for. This was first spotted by Kotaku, and a Microsoft… Read More


Your old Microsoft Points will be worth ‘equal or greater value’ as real currency

Microsoft confirmed earlier this week that it will be shifting away from its Microsoft Points virtual currency for purchasing games and other items on Xbox Live, as transactions will soon take place with your local currency. But what about the gamers who have Microsoft Points outstanding? What will happen to those points? Microsoft cleared that… Read More


New Xbox 360 looks like the Xbox One, is available today

At the big E3 video-game convention today, Microsoft just unveiled a new-look Xbox 360, which is available to purchase today. The console, first debuting in 2005, mimics the bland, box-like design of the new Xbox One, which is set to hit shelves in November 2013. Many were underwhelmed with the Xbox One design, comparing it to… Read More


Pandora’s box: Internet radio service’s new HTML5 site targets TV via Xbox 360, PS3

Internet radio giant Pandora announced a move into the living room today with the launch of, which is designed to bring the internet radio service direct to your television set without requiring a specialized app. The service will allow users to do the same things they’re used to doing with Pandora, including creating new… Read More