Taking on telecommuting: Maybe Marissa Mayer was right

Yahoo’s recent work from home uproar caused the pundit class to claim that one company’s internal decision was a mandate that that would kill off workplace flexibility and set women back decades across the country. The problem: it wasn’t. Yahoo made a decision for Yahoo, and other companies may follow suit.  That’s not a bad… Read More

Are you a snooze button type of person? Photo via Bigstock

Nine ways to make your morning more productive

How often does your morning live up to expectations? If you’re like me, you go to bed at night expecting great things and great progress by 10:00 a.m. Unfortunately, three snooze buttons later, with two different shades of blue socks on, the gym bag forgotten at home, rushing to your first meeting and already behind… Read More


Productivity Porn: 7 ways to achieve work/life balance

Productivity too often can become more than a means to an end.  If left unchecked, being more productive can simply make you feel compelled to fill additional time with more work.  That’s a fine outcome if you need to (or want to) get more done.  But balance – time away from work – is equally… Read More