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Generational blindness: Is sexism in tech forever?

There are many things that seem stubbornly cyclical in their refusal to be resolved in the tech industry. Password management. Bubble valuations. Sexism. I’ve addressed the first two elsewhere. I’ve been hesitant to tackle the third, because it’s the most sensitive and frequently a matter of perception. Yet when it comes to tasteless, clueless, and… Read More

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Study: Women avoid computer science careers because they think ‘nerds’ are smelly and pale

Blame “The Big Bang Theory” for the lack of women in tech. That’s the conclusion from new research out of the University of Washington, which found that women don’t choose careers in computer science because of the “nerd” stereotype in the media. UW psychologist Sapna Cheryan ran two studies to find out if the lack of women in tech… Read More