Microsoft to debut new Kinect for Windows this summer

Just a few days after showing off photos of the new Kinect for Windows, Microsoft announced at its Build conference that the motion-tracking device will hit shelves sometime this summer. The Redmond software giant previously said that the Kinect for Windows v2 would be arriving in 2014, but hadn’t specified a time. Microsoft notes that… Read More

Antoine Leblond

Microsoft exec Antoine Leblond leaving after nearly 25 years

Antoine Leblond, a Microsoft executive known for his leadership roles on the Office and Windows teams, is leaving the Redmond company after nearly 25 years. He’s the latest executive to leave Microsoft following last year’s “One Microsoft” reorganization and the more recent appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO. Earlier departures included Jon DeVaan, the longtime… Read More


New forecast: PC market down 7% in 2014, tablets up 39%

Just in time for new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s expected introduction of an Office suite for iPad today, new numbers from Gartner show how business and consumer buying trends are continuing to upend Microsoft’s traditional PC business. Worldwide shipments of traditional desktop and notebook PCs will decline by 6.6 percent, to 276.7 million units, the… Read More


Microsoft warns of ‘serious problems’ for businesses that stick with Windows XP

Microsoft is trying to convince business owners that it’s time to retire their Windows XP installations, and start using a more modern operating system. The company is ending support for the venerable edition of Windows on April 8, which means after that point, XP won’t be getting any more updates, including security protection. While that… Read More


Later, dudes: Apple’s unit sales leave PCs in the rear-view mirror, for now

As Steve Jobs liked to say, “Boom.” Total unit sales of Apple products surpassed unit sales of computers running Windows last quarter, according to Andreesen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans. Using numbers from Apple, Gartner and Andreesen Horowitz, Evans said the two companies were close to parity on device sales when counting Windows Phone units, though… Read More


VMWare teams with Google to offer Windows for Chrome OS

Google wants to help businesses replace their old Windows XP machines with shiny new Chromebooks … that run Windows. The company announced today that it’s partnering with VMWare to bring Windows to Chrome OS with VMWare’s Horizon Desktop as a Service program. The partnership will allow businesses to set users up with a virtual Windows desktop that… Read More


Chart: Look out Windows, Android is the new ubiquitous operating system

“Windows Everywhere” ought to be repurposed to “Android Everywhere,” given the state of the market for Internet-connected devices. Shipments of new Android devices have already passed Apple and Microsoft’s sales combined, and by 2015, projections from Gartner show that they could be well on their way to eclipsing the rest of the entire connected device… Read More


Wintel meets Windroid: Intel’s Dual OS is a symbolic shot at Microsoft

LAS VEGAS — Intel tonight confirmed plans to offer processors that support devices running both Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems, a further erosion of the classic “Wintel” partnership that defined the personal computer industry during the heyday of the Windows PC. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced the plan during the pre-show keynote at CES… Read More


Microsoft Windows crash reporting system used by NSA for ‘passive’ spying, report says

Agents with the U.S. National Security Agency are able to intercept crash reports from specific Microsoft Windows-based machines to better understand how to exploit a computer with spyware, according to the latest revelations about the U.S. government’s electronic surveillance program, published this weekend by Der Spiegel newsmagazine. The system is the one encountered by users… Read More


Report: Start menu may be coming back to Windows

For users who have been missing the familiar comfort of the Start menu, a future version of Windows could provide a welcome reprieve. The next major version of Windows will “make the Start menu available as an option,” possibly in versions designed to support desktop computing, reports Paul Thurrott of the Supersite for Windows, citing… Read More


Microsoft Windows shakeup continues: App store and UX leaders move to Bing team

Two well-known directors from Microsoft’s Windows team, who oversaw some of the biggest changes introduced by Windows 8 and 8.1, are shifting to the Microsoft Bing team — part of a broader management upheaval in Microsoft’s operating systems group. Making the move are Ted Dworkin, the director of program management who oversaw the Windows Store… Read More