Chart: PC industry resets, aims to return to growth

The traditional notebook and desktop PC industry experienced its best quarter in nearly two years, according to numbers released by the Gartner research firm this week. Yes, shipments declined by 1.7 percent, but that was much better than in recent quarters, exceeding forecasts for the period. Microsoft’s end of support for Windows XP played a… Read More


Attention, Windows XP holdouts: The end is here

Are you still running Windows XP? Are you ready for Tuesday? More than 12 years after Windows XP’s release, Microsoft will officially end support for the aging operating system on Tuesday, April 8 — three days from now. That means no more security updates. Yes, of course, Windows XP machines will continue to run. But… Read More


Microsoft warns of ‘serious problems’ for businesses that stick with Windows XP

Microsoft is trying to convince business owners that it’s time to retire their Windows XP installations, and start using a more modern operating system. The company is ending support for the venerable edition of Windows on April 8, which means after that point, XP won’t be getting any more updates, including security protection. While that… Read More


Dear NASA: Nice work landing on Mars — maybe now you should dump Windows XP?

Attention, Microsoft: It’s probably time to send a sales rep to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A video by Boing Boing, showing NASA officials celebrating the historic landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars last night, provided a different type of curiosity for Windows watchers. Namely, why is the space agency still running an 11-year-old version… Read More


Windows 8 for $40: Will this convince you to upgrade?

With the release of Windows 8 approaching, Microsoft is making a bid for the attention of existing Windows users by streamlining and lowering the cost of upgrading. PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro via online download for $39.99, with an option to add… Read More


Farewell, Windows Vista: I’m going to miss you, old friend

Microsoft is ending mainstream support for Windows Vista today, and I’m getting a little choked up just thinking about it. OK, not quite, but in contrast with the PC users and Microsoft executives who would rather forget about the ill-fated operating system, I actually have lots of fond memories of Windows Vista. As a reporter… Read More