Report: Nokia bringing 41MP camera to Windows Phone

Nokia will take a new step to differentiate itself with high-end photography on Microsoft’s Windows Phones, according to a new report. The handset maker is bringing its 41 megapixel PureView camera to a future Windows Phone model, the Verge reports this morning. The device is code-named EOS, according to the site. A similar camera is… Read More

Christopher Ross

Why this app maker targeted Windows Phone first, and what happened after that

Christopher Ross views the mobile world a little differently than most entrepreneurs. He worked at Microsoft for the better part of a decade, in positions including U.S. enterprise sales director, responsible for Windows and Office deployment and adoption. He started his own technology consulting business in 2010 and was later accepted into the Founder Institute… Read More


Windows Phone Diary: So long Lumia 920, hello HTC 8X

A couple weeks after switching from an iPhone to a Lumia 920 Windows Phone, I was struggling to explain why I was having such a hard time handling the Nokia device, until another Lumia 920 user put it in perspective for me: It feels like holding a Pop-Tart. The combination of thickness, width and weight… Read More


Attention developers: Here’s a chance to have your Windows app appear on primetime TV

If you have incredible talent, there are lots of well-known competitions to help showcase your skills. American Idol, Top Chef and X Factor, just to name a few. Now Microsoft wants to give talented app developers just the same recognition with its “Windows Phone Next App Star” contest. It’s a competition that enables developers from… Read More


Skype updates Windows Phone app, temporarily nixes People Hub integration

Microsoft’s Skype Division is temporarily removing integration with Windows Phone’s People Hub in the latest update to its app for Microsoft’s mobile platform, citing problems with “device stability.” The integration into the People Hub was one of the selling points for the Windows Phone app, putting Skype information alongside email, phone number and other contact… Read More


Windows Phone fans petition Square, Instagram, Google for apps

Are you using Windows Phone but missing a favorite app? Maybe an online petition will do the trick. That’s the strategy being tried by some Windows Phone users in an attempt to get companies such as Square, Google and Instagram to make versions of their apps for Microsoft’s mobile platform. It’s a testament to the loyalty of Windows Phone fans,… Read More


Windows Phone adds 75,000 apps and games in 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone more than doubled the size of its app catalog in 2012, adding more than 75,000 new apps and games from third-party developers, according to a Microsoft blog post published overnight. Todd Brix of Microsoft writes in the post, “We literally set a new foundation this year with the deployment of all-new infrastructure… Read More


Help from abroad: Microsoft teaming with China Unicom to boost Windows Phone sales

The Windows Phone is getting a little help from abroad. The China Daily reports today that China Unicom, the world’s third-largest carrier, announced a partnership with Microsoft to help sales and innovation of Windows Phone devices in China. Microsoft certainly needs any help it can get, as Windows Phone devices account for less than 3 percent of mobile market… Read More


IDC cuts Windows Phone forecast, now sees Microsoft in third place in 2016

Long-term forecasting in the technology industry isn’t easy, as we’ve documented in the past, and it’s especially difficult in a market as volatile as smartphones. The latest evidence: The IDC research firm has significantly reduced its long-term forecast for Microsoft’s Windows Phone. IDC now says it expects Windows Phone to post 11.4 percent market share in… Read More

Reed Hastings

Comments of the Week: Oprah ‘loves’ the Surface; Hastings’ Microsoft analysis; and more

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “[Microsoft has] many great assets and many great challenges. The great assets are the technology, and Windows, Office. And you guys know Ballmer. He is unbelievably self-aware, self-critical, smart. He’s the last guy to be in any little bit of denial.”—Outgoing Microsoft board member… Read More


Sorry Microsoft, but my mom isn’t buying Windows Phone

I spent yesterday afternoon immersed in a modern-day holiday tradition — helping my parents shop for their first smartphones. Three hours after we arrived at the mall, they each walked away with an iPhone 4. But the most interesting part, to me, was my unsuccessful attempt to convince my mom to buy a Windows Phone… Read More

Will Gandalf be replacing that staff with a brand new Windows Phone?

Microsoft marketing wizards tap Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf to tout new Windows Phones

OK, this may be entering an entirely new realm of geekdom. The marketing wizards at Microsoft have struck a deal to promote its Windows Phone devices by showcasing the likes of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and other characters from The Hobbit of trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson. Marketing reports that Microsoft’s ad agency, Wunderman, is working with… Read More

What do Blackberry's big moves mean for Microsoft?

Report: Yep, Microsoft is testing its own smartphone

Microsoft is testing its own smartphone design, preparing for the possibility of developing its own device, but the company hasn’t decided whether to take the device into mass production, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed officials at some of the company’s parts suppliers. It’s the latest in a series of rumors and reports… Read More


HTC profits getting battered by Apple and Samsung

Mobile phone maker HTC is attempting a comeback with its HTC One lineup of Android phones, and some eye-catching Windows Phones on the way. But in the meantime, the company is struggling to regain its footing. The Taiwan-based company, which has its U.S. headquarters just outside of Seattle, reported a 79 percent decline in profits… Read More


HTC aims for ‘iconic’ Windows Phones with 8X and 8S

HTC this morning unveiled two new Windows Phones, the HTC 8S and 8X, that look as if they were actually made for the Microsoft operating system, not simply adapted from the mobile phone company’s existing Android lineup. This is what HTC president Jason Mackenzie was hinting at in an interview with GeekWire two weeks ago, saying… Read More