Does Seattle have an obligation to support Windows Phone?

It’s common these days for mobile app developers to start with iPhone and Android, and get to Windows Phone later — if at all. But should that be the practice in Microsoft Country? That’s the question following the city of Seattle’s release of a new “Find It, Fix It” app that lets citizens report problems… Read More

The previous, disputed version of Microsoft's YouTube app

YouTube returns to Microsoft’s Windows Phone, with Google’s support this time

Microsoft released a new version of its YouTube app for Windows Phone this afternoon, three months after Google objected to app and demanded its removal from the Windows Phone app store. The new app, developed with Google’s support, incorporates ads into the experience, addressing one of the search company’s biggest complaints. The app no longer… Read More


Windows Phone global shipments up 77%, extending lead over BlackBerry

New stats released today by IDC show shipments of Windows Phone reaching 8.7 million units in the second quarter — still a distant third behind Android (187.4 million) and iPhone (31.2 million), but coming in ahead of BlackBerry (6.8 million) to cement Microsoft’s position as the world’s third-largest smartphone operating system. Microsoft’s number represented a… Read More


Microsoft’s new billion-dollar business: Android patents?

Windows Phone revenue rose by $1.2 billion in the company’s 2013 fiscal year, according to new numbers released by Microsoft this afternoon as part of its Form 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But the definition of “Windows Phone revenue” isn’t what you might think. The number reflects “an increase in patent licensing… Read More


HTC feels the smartphone squeeze, sees more potential in ‘mid-tier’ products

Mobile phone maker HTC this morning projected third quarter results well below expectations, the latest sign of the company’s struggle to compete against Apple and Samsung in smartphones. HTC, which has its North American headquarters in Bellevue, is trying to recover from the delayed launch of the flagship HTC One smartphone earlier this year. In its earnings… Read More


‘Spartan Assault’ is a great new Halo, but Microsoft is playing a risky game with Windows Phone users

Finally! A great new, exclusive game for my Windows Phone! Ugh, I guess not. At least not for another month. That’s the emotional roller-coaster created by Microsoft’s newly released Halo: Spartan Assault. It is, in fact, a great game. I’ve been playing the Windows 8 version all weekend on my Surface tablet, and I’m having… Read More


After Apple deal, HopStop yanked from Windows Phone

Transit navigation service HopStop, newly acquired by Apple, has been pulled from Microsoft’s Windows Phone without explanation. Is it a coincidence? HopStop’s well-reviewed app remains available for Android and, of course, for iPhone. But its listing in the Windows Phone app store now says, “This app is no longer published.” Richard Hay of Windows Observer posted… Read More


Nokia debuts Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera, available July 26 for $299 on AT&T

Nokia today officially unveiled its new Lumia 1020, complete with an impressive 41-megapixel — yes, 41-megapixel — camera. The obvious draw for Nokia’s newest device is the PureView 808 camera, which features optical image stabilization, 6-lens Zeiss optics, a xenon flash and the ability to capture 34 and 38 megapixel-photos in 16:9 or 4:3. The device also… Read More


Nokia Lumia 925 coming to T-Mobile on July 17 for $49 down

As part of many big moves being made today, T-Mobile announced details for the Nokia Lumia 925, its first 4G LTE Windows Phone. Available only on T-Mobile’s network, the Lumia 925 will be available July 17 for $49.99 down with 24 monthly device payments as part of T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” plan. Nokia unveiled the Lumia 925 at a May… Read More

DONE!  3rd Marathon in 3 Countries in 6 months!  WOO HOO!

Microsoft exec releases pics from ‘secret’ Nokia Lumia 1020 into the wild

Completing a marathon is problem enough to make you forget the smartphone in your pocket is a model that hasn’t been announced yet. I can’t say I’ve ever been in that situation, but given some new Flickr photos, it seems conceivable. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s Vice President for Windows Phone Program Management and Design, just completed his… Read More


Here it is: GeekWire’s new app for Windows Phone 8

For the past six months, I’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows Phone and documenting the highs and lows here on GeekWire, experiencing first-hand the challenges and opportunities faced by Microsoft in the smartphone market. So I’m pleased to announce the arrival of a Windows Phone 8 app from my favorite technology news site. Yes, GeekWire now… Read More


Age of Empires on the iPad? Microsoft reportedly bringing its games to iPhone, Android

Japan-based news outlet Nikkei just reported that Microsoft will bring its first-party Xbox and PC games to the iPhone, as well as Android smartphones. First spotted by Reuters, Nikkei reports that Microsoft will partner with Japanese game-maker Klab to bring games like “Age of the Empires” to smartphones sometime in fiscal year 2013. Klab has already… Read More


Microsoft Kin resurfaces, selling for $25 on deals site

Remember the Kin, the ill-fated phone from Microsoft? Its life was so short — roughly two months in the spring of 2010 — that you can be forgiven if you don’t. And Microsoft would certainly like to forget. But it’s back as of today, available for $25 through the website Apparently the demand was… Read More