Nokia Lumia sales slip to 8.2 million units in Q4

Sales of Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices slipped to 8.2 million units in the fourth quarter, the company said this morning while discussing its quarterly financial results. That was up from 4.4 million units in the same quarter a year ago, but down from 8.8 million in the third quarter — defying the traditional phenomenon of… Read More


Aviary freezes its Windows and Windows Phone photo SDK, citing ‘lack of general platform traction’

Aviary, a photo-editing technology company backed by investors including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, says it is discontinuing work on its photo-editing software development kit for Windows Phone and Windows 8, citing a “lack of general platform traction” for the Microsoft operating systems. The news was delivered in a message to a user of the Aviary forums,… Read More


Report: Microsoft may license next versions of Windows RT and Windows Phone for free

Microsoft is considering making the next version of Windows RT and Windows Phone free for computer and device makers interested in using it, the Verge reported today. That meshes with a report from earlier this week which said “Threshold,” the next iteration of Microsoft’s OS, may include a single version of Windows that’s targeted at both Windows… Read More


Finally: Instagram, Vine apps coming to Windows Phone

Windows Phone owners will soon be able to share all the 7-second videos and filtered photos they could ever want. Stephen Elop just announced at Nokia World that the official Instagram and Vine apps will arrive “in the coming weeks.” The announcement addresses a longstanding complaint about Windows Phone. The lack of an official Instagram… Read More


Microsoft Windows Phone 8 update adds support for ‘jumbo-sized’ displays, new storage settings

Just don’t call it Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft’s new “Update 3″ for Windows Phone 8, unveiled this morning, adds support for screens as large as five or six inches, with 1080P dispays — creating room for “jumbo-sized” Start screens that can hold as many as three standard or six small live tiles across the screen…. Read More


Record profit for Samsung, first quarterly loss for HTC

The difference between two of the most well-known smartphone makers could hardly be more stark these days. Samsung issued earnings guidance overnight for record operating profit of at least $9.2 billion in the third quarter, with about two-thirds of that coming from its mobile business, including its dominant Android-based smartphones. It’s doing well enough that one of… Read More

Terry Myerson

Windows Phone leaders given key roles in Microsoft’s restructured OS group

Updated below with additional details. Microsoft’s new Operating Systems Engineering Group — responsible for OS development across Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox — is filling out its executive team under new operating systems chief Terry Myerson, with key roles for some who worked under Myerson in his former role as the Windows Phone engineering leader…. Read More


Make no mistake: Nokia is Microsoft’s biggest deal ever

Yes, in raw numbers, Microsoft is paying less for Nokia’s Devices & Services business than it did for Skype — forking over $7.2 billion for the smartphone maker, compared with $8.5 billion for the video communications company. But by almost every other measure, the Nokia deal is the biggest in Microsoft’s history. The company will… Read More


Look out, kids: Microsoft patent would give parents ultimate control over family phones

Microsoft has already given parents an extra element of control with the “Kid’s Corner” feature in Windows Phone 8 — an isolated section of the device, set up and controlled by parents, that lets kids play with the phone without inadvertently responding to mom’s email, for example. But a newly published patent application from the… Read More