Apple co-founder Wozniak gives Microsoft props for design

Has Steve Wozniak gone Team Microsoft? As the Huffington Post reports, the Apple co-founder said at an Entel technology press conference in Chile that he is impressed by the design of Microsoft’s new products. “I made a joke that Steve Jobs came back reincarnated at Microsoft,” he said, noting that he wants to own a Surface tablet…. Read More


Microsoft: Windows Phone was way ahead of Apple’s Siri

Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, Craig Mundie, is making news today for recent comments downplaying Apple’s Siri intelligent assistant — telling Forbes’ Eric Savitz that Microsoft has had similar functionality for more than a year. Starting around the 2:00 mark in the interview above, Mundie points to examples including the ability to interact completely… Read More


Windows Phone games: Details on Microsoft’s ‘Fast Async’ service

As part of an update about upcoming Windows Phone gaming features, Microsoft this week offered a teaser about a new service called “Fast Async” — promising that it will improve gameplay for turn-by-turn (a.k.a. asynchronous”) Xbox Live games on the phones. Classic examples include Scrabble knock-offs, chess, and other turn-based games played across devices. But beyond… Read More

Charlie Kindel

Windows Phone GM leaving Microsoft, with a rallying cry

Microsoft veteran Charlie Kindel, who led the effort to get independent app developers on board with Windows Phone, is leaving the company after 21 years to launch a startup — but he says he still believes strongly in Microsoft’s long-term prospects against the likes of Apple and Google in the mobile market. “To the Windows… Read More


Chart: Android commands 39% of U.S. smartphone market

Android devices are landing in the hands of more Americans, according to a new survey by Nielsen. The fast-growing mobile operating system now accounts for 39 percent of the smartphone market — up from 36 percent when Nielsen ran its survey in May. Apple’s iOS, meanwhile, is in second place with 28 percent of the… Read More


Windows Phone ‘Mango’ is ripe, now Microsoft needs to keep it from going bad

Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has completed its well-reviewed “Mango” software update and shipped the code to handset makers and wireless carriers for installation on devices to be sold in stores later this year. Now the team faces another challenge: Making sure it doesn’t further alienate the Windows Phone faithful, many of whom are still ticked off… Read More


Microsoft: Zune HD apps coming to Windows Phone

Microsoft plans to port its internally developed Zune HD apps to Windows Phone 7 in a move that highlights one of the challenges that hampered the company’s dedicated music hardware. Although the Windows Phone 7 interface is modeled after the Zune interface, and each Windows Phone contains the Zune music software, the Windows Phone devices… Read More


IDC cuts 2011 Windows Phone forecast — still thinks Microsoft will be No. 2 worldwide in 2015

Research firm IDC is out with new projections for the smartphone market, sticking to its prediction that Microsoft’s Windows Phone will be the No. 2 operating system worldwide by 2015 — ahead of Apple’s iPhone but well behind Google’s Android, which is projected to have more than 40 percent of the market. However, the firm’s… Read More


Microsoft’s MSN releases ‘Onit’ app for iPhone, iPad

Microsoft this morning continued its steady pace of app development for Apple’s iOS, as the company’s MSN unit released a version of its “Onit” men’s lifestyle app for iPad and iPhone. The app was already on Windows Phone 7. Onit aggregates male-oriented content (think science, history, sex, cars, beer, etc.) from content sources including MSN, Esquire, LIFE.com,… Read More


Windows Phone ‘Mango’: The phone is the app — but can it improve Microsoft’s chances?

Since the beginning, Microsoft’s strategy with Windows Phone has been to create a unified experience across the device — drawing information and sources from a variety of sources into centralized hubs to keep users from getting lost in the “silos” of individual apps. The company continued that push this morning as it unveiled new features… Read More


Windows Phone says its apps are real, not padded

What is it with these Microsoft groups feeling the need to publicly defend their numbers all of a sudden? The Windows Phone team tonight followed the Internet Explorer crew in insisting that even though one of its key metrics might look modest on the surface, the stats are actually much stronger than they might seem…. Read More


AT&T’s Windows Phone users face longer wait for update

Microsoft is giving more details about the rollout of the long-awaited update that will bring copy-and-paste capabilities (and other improvements) to Windows Phone 7. And it’s looking like the wait is going to be even longer for AT&T customers in the U.S. According to a chart released by Microsoft as part of its new “Where’s… Read More


Windows Phone copy-paste update is finally here, almost

Microsoft has started to roll out the long-awaited “NoDo” update for Windows Phone — bringing features including copy and paste to users of its new mobile platform. The release was delayed by a couple of weeks when a preparatory update caused some unexpected glitches. But Windows Phone users may not be seeing the update just… Read More