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GeekWire Radio: The future of groceries, phones and cars

We’ve got our eyes on the road ahead this week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast. Our guest in the studio is Joe Justice, a leader of Wikispeed, a project applying the principles of agile software development to auto manufacturing. The project is developing 100 MPG vehicles using lightweight modular components, rapid prototyping and… Read More


A crowd-funded car: Wikispeed raising funds for 100 MPG open-source vehicle

We’ve been tracking lots of creative projects using crowdsourced funding models, but this one puts a new spin on things. Wikispeed, an open-source project developing a 100 mile-per-gallon vehicle, announced this morning that it’s aiming to raise $52,500 over the next two months to take its modular vehicles from prototype to production. The initiative, led… Read More