Nintendo president explains why Wii U trumps Xbox Kinect

Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime had a brief interview with CNBC Monday and explained why the new Wii U console is better than Microsoft Kinect: Lack of games for the Kinect (Wii U has over two dozen at launch). Wii U controller is more precise. Wii U provides a richer multiplayer experience because five people… Read More


Two days before Wii U debut, Nintendo delays TVii app

Just two days before the Wii U hits stores, Nintendo announced Friday that the TVii app will be released in December. The company also said that other video services like Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus will be available “in the coming weeks.” Originally announced in September, TVii (pronounced “TV”)looks to turn the Wii U… Read More


VIDEO: Nintendo president hosts official Wii U sneak peek ‘unboxing ceremony’

You’ve likely watched an at-home unboxing of a new gadget on the internet. But probably not an official one … from a company president … who wears white gloves during the process. That’s exactly what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata does in the video above with the company’s new Wii U game console and its touch-screen GamePad controller. It’s… Read More


‘Nintendo TVii’ aims to leapfrog Xbox 360, PS3 in living room

Nintendo this morning unveiled its television and media integration plans for the Wii U, announcing a new feature called Nintendo TVii that will come with the upcoming console, at no extra charge, and work in conjunction with the Wii U’s tablet-style GamePad controller. Nintendo TVii (pronounced “TV”) will integrate with existing services such as Hulu,… Read More


Ask Andru: Is Wii U really a next-generation console?

Today we received a question about Nintendo’s upcoming console release, Wii U, with GeekWire reader Alex wondering why the company continues to release new peripherals for a console that’s seen better days. Question: What’s up with the Wii U? Why is Nintendo releasing yet another expensive peripheral for the aging Wii? Nintendo originally announced Wii… Read More