FAA panel: Wi-Fi is safe during takeoff and landing

If you’re even a semi-frequent flier, those moments between takeoff and 10,000 feet can be annoying if all you really want to do is finish a time-sensitive email right away. Now, there’s hope. According to the Wall Street Journal, a panel has recommended that the Federal Aviation Administration relax regulations restricting use of Wi-Fi below… Read More


FCC issues order to boost wireless connectivity at stadiums, tunnels, airports

Have you ever lost your cell phone connectivity in a tunnel, subway or sports stadium? We have, including some of our frustrating visits to CenturyLink Field here in Seattle. Well, a new order from the Federal Communications Commission could help solve this wireless bottleneck. The FCC recently adopted new policies around the use of signal boosters, amplifiers… Read More


Google, Boingo bring free Wi-Fi to 4,000 hotspots (but not for Windows Phone or iPhone)

Boingo Wireless and Google Play announced a new partnership today to bring free Wi-Fi to more than 4,000 hotspots across the country, including 15 airports (Chicago O’Hare, New York’s JFK, Seattle-Tacoma, etc.) as well subways, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. The offering is part of Boingo’s new Cloud Nine Media platform, an advertising platform which… Read More


Free Wi-Fi arrives at 50 airports this holiday, thanks to Skype

Travelers across the U.S. will get a little holiday cheer thanks to Skype, which announced today that it is rolling out free Wi-Fi at 50 airports from December 21st to December 27th. San Francisco, Portland and Spokane are all on the list, but interestingly you won’t get the promotion if traveling through Sea-Tac in Seattle…. Read More