Werner Vogels

Amazon CTO: Cloud isn’t a winner-take-all market

SAN FRANCISCO–The way Amazon CTO Werner Vogels sees it, there isn’t going to be one winner in the cloud space as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others duke it out to attract new customers to their different cloud platforms. “We’ve always said that this is too good a business,” he said. “This is not a winner take all market.”… Read More


Amazon’s new ‘Kinesis’ will crunch a firehose of real-time data from the cloud

Amazon this morning introduced a new cloud service called “Kinesis” — promising to let developers stream and process “terabytes of data an hour from hundreds of thousands of sources” and incorporate the results into their apps. The announcement was the capper in a series of new services shown by Amazon Web Services at its re:Invent… Read More

Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s new cloud services may blow your mind

At Tuesday’s Structure:Europe event, Amazon.com’s CTO Werner Vogels hinted that “there are things coming down the pipe you wouldn’t believe,” when asked about what’s in store for Amazon’s Web Services. GigaOM did a little speculating this morning into what Vogels could have been talking about, and some of the possibilities are pretty interesting. A few predictions:… Read More