Mathletes: Students solve 375K algebra equations in 4 days with iOS app

Students across Washington did some serious algebra work this week — and I mean serious like 400,000 problems in four days kind of work. As part of the Washington State Algebra Challenge, K-12 students used an iteration of a learning app called DragonBox to try and solve 250,000 equations in just one week. They did that and much more, as 4,000 students… Read More


Poll: Washington drivers have better morals than Oregon motorists

Congrats, Washington: Your drivers show more honesty than those from down south. A new poll from Seattle-based PEMCO Insurance found that Washington drivers are more likely to leave a note with contact information after hitting an unattended car than motorists from Oregon. The numbers speak for themselves: 67 percent of Washington state drivers leave their information,… Read More


The state of education: Yes, we suck

Ten years ago, then Boeing Commercial Airplanes boss Alan Mulally declared in front of the Seattle Rotary Club that Washington state wasn’t a great place to do business. “I think we suck,” he said. I was reminded of that comment after attending the Technology Alliance luncheon in downtown Seattle yesterday, one of the biggest gatherings… Read More


High school hackathon: 500 budding teen geeks learn how to code

It’s no secret that Washington is falling behind when it comes to educating our future geeks. While the state ranks fourth in the nation for tech-related companies, Washington comes in a disappointing 46th for participation in science and engineering graduate programs. Which makes what happened on Thursday inside the gymnasium of Rainier Beach High School all the more… Read More


Students to solve 250,000 algebra equations in one week with iOS app

Video games are making their way into Washington schools early next month and for all the right reasons. Using an iteration of a learning app called DragonBox, the Washington State Algebra Challenge is a one-of-a-kind campaign to get students across the state to solve 250,000 equations in just one week. Scheduled for June 3-to-7, participating classes will get… Read More


Survey: Washington state No. 1 in software publishing jobs, ranks third in tech wages

Technology workers are well paid in Washington state, with Seattle area entrepreneur and co-founder Hadi Partovi telling us earlier this year that learning computer programming is the fastest way “to join the one percent.” Now, here’s some evidence to that effect. According to the annual Cyberstates report from the TechAmerica foundation, tech workers in… Read More


Washington passes bill to count computer science for math, science credit

In overwhelming fashion, Washington State Legislature voted 95-0 to pass a new bill that will allow computer science classes to count as a math or science requirement toward high school graduation. Currently, Washington high schoolers who take a computer science class don’t receive a math or science credit. HB 1472 now enables this and “provide initiatives to improve and expand access to computer… Read More


Washington teen wins NASA “Why Space Matters to the Future” video contest

There’s just something about Washington teenagers and their ability to talk about space exploration creatively. The Coalition for Space Exploration and NASA just announced the winners of their “Why Space Matters to the Future” national video contest and two Washington teens won first and second place. The contest asked three questions: How has space affected,… Read More


Score one for Seattle startup partnerships: Tatango, Julep team up for text-message campaign

As the Seattle startup scene continues to grow, so do opportunities to form partnerships with neighboring companies. And that’s exactly what happened with two fast-growing startups here in the Emerald City: group-SMS service Tatango and cosmetics company Julep. Both companies knew each other because of shared mutual investors. When Julep launched their e-commerce site, Tatango… Read More


Washington bill could make CSE classes count for math, science credit

A new bill in the Washington State Legislature may allow computer science classes to count as a math or science requirement toward high school graduation. Currently, Washington high schoolers who take a computer science class don’t receive a math or science credit. HB 1472 would enable this and “provide initiatives to improve and expand access to computer science… Read More


Internet report: 98.7 percent of Washington residents have access to broadband

The Washington State Broadband Office released its third annual Broadband Report today and more than 500 of the state’s 629 communities saw better access and/or higher speeds to broadband internet this past year. Based on data derived from the National Broadband Map, the report found that 98.7 percent of the state’s residents live in areas where broadband… Read More


Washington’s Steve Sarkisian is the 5th most popular college football coach on Twitter

If the Washington Huskies football team ends up losing Saturday at the Las Vegas Bowl, head coach Steve Sarkisian probably won’t be the most well-liked guy in town. That’s O.K., though — in Twitter-land, he’ll still be one of the most-popular coaches in the nation. According to a USA Today ranking of the college football coaches with the… Read More


Former Microsoft manager celebrates legal marijuana, explains his new pot venture

Some would say Jamen Shively has already had a nice career. He spent six years at Microsoft, eventually becoming a corporate manager. Then he went off and founded his own startup, an online marketplace for speciality foods. But nothing compared to what happened at midnight on Thursday when marijuana officially became legal in Washington. “This,”… Read More


Should sports reporters be permitted to Tweet every play? Here’s what Pac-12 schools have to say about it

By now, you may have heard that the University of Washington athletic department reprimanded a reporter for Tweeting too much during a college basketball game. The decision generated tons of discussion both here on GeekWire and around the web. We dug a little further to figure out what other big schools along the west coast… Read More


Tagboard teams up with to help aggregate social media

While the Washington Huskies were playing football 2,600 miles away against the Louisiana State Tigers in Baton Rouge, Daniel Hour sat in a Seattle coffee shop scrolling through his Twitter feed. As the University of Washington athletics manager of new media and recruiting services, the social media guru was looking for Tweets containing the #UWvsLSU hashtag. One Tweet… Read More

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New iPhone app eases the burn of state booze tax

More than a month into Washington state’s new laws on liquor sales, and consumers are still feeling the afterburn of sticker shock from taxes not necessarily shown on the shelf. Now, thankfully, there’s an app for that. Developed by Seattle-based tech journalist Matt Hickey (writer for The Daily and other publications) and Ryan Leisinger and Jon Ponsford… Read More


Washington state ranks second for entrepreneurs

The venture capital totals may be falling, but Washington state is still a great place to start a new business. That’s the latest finding from the The State Entrepreneurial Index, which measures a state’s percentage growth and per capita growth in business establishments, its business formation rate, the number of patents per thousand residents and gross… Read More