Study: Gain more Twitter followers by being confident with predictions, not accurate

Here’s a way to get more Twitter followers: Exude confidence. That’s the finding from a study done by a pair of doctoral candidates in economics at Washington State University who analyzed more than one billion tweets during the 2012 baseball playoffs and the 2013 Super Bowl. Jadrian Wooten and Ben Smith created a software program that looked at… Read More

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Battery breakthrough: New technology promises to triple lithium ion capacity

Remember those Energizer Bunny commercials touting batteries that kept going, and going, and going? Well, researchers at Washington State University have developed a new lithium ion battery that can actually keep going, and going, and going at about three times the current capacity. As part of the Science + Technology Discovery Series of the Technology Alliance Program,… Read More


New video technology gives football fans a ‘personalized camera on the field’

Virtual reality experts at Washington State University are allowing fans to essentially become their own live sporting event producers with some interesting new technology. 3D-4U Solutions, a virtual reality engineering company based in Pullman, Wash., launched its own interactive viewing system at WSU’s renovated Martin Stadium. Guests in the 26 suites now have access to… Read More