If new consoles from Microsoft and Sony didn’t save GameStop, then what can?

GameStop’s stock traded lower today after it reported weaker-than-expected results in the fourth quarter despite strong console launches from both Sony and Microsoft. Analysts said the disappointing results were largely driven by a switch in consumer behavior from buying games at retail to purchasing them digitally for the new consoles, as well as, playing games… Read More


Walmart acquires Seattle-based Yumprint to add recipe tech to grocery delivery

@WalmartLabs, which operates as the tech brains behind the big-box retailer, has acquired Yumprint of Seattle. Walmart plans to use the company’s recipe technology for its grocery delivery efforts on and Walmart To Go. Yumprint founders Wes Dyer and Chris Crittenden will join the @WalmartLabs team, and move to the lab’s headquarters in San Bruno,… Read More


Walmart tops list of most visited retailers on Thanksgiving

In a development that shocked nobody, Walmart was the most-visited retailer on Thanksgiving, according to new rankings published by Placed, a Seattle-based location analytics company. While stores opening on Thanksgiving is still something of a controversial subject, that certainly has not stopped shoppers from all over rushing to get deals after finishing their turkey. Walmart,… Read More

Gibu Thomas

Walmart exec: Smartphones critical in battle with Amazon and other online rivals

SAN FRANCISCO – In years past, Walmart’s online presence has lagged as the retail giant focused more on its retail stores, which has put the company on its heels when competing with the likes of Amazon. But Walmart exec Gibu Thomas believes the company will reap significant benefits from integrating its digital and traditional retail strategies…. Read More


Placed Insights reveals where people shop most; McDonald’s, Walmart, Subway lead the way

After two years of hard work, a name-change and an incredible amount of data crunching, Placed has become the first company to offer a ratings service to help understand where people are going in the physical world.  “This is everything that Placed has been working on these past two years,” CEO David Shim said. The Seattle location analytics… Read More


Walmart follows Target, stops selling Amazon Kindles

Seeing the online retailer as a threat to profits, Walmart has decided to follow Target in removing the Amazon Kindle lineup from its offerings of tablets and e-readers in stores. With Amazon tablets selling at reduced prices to increase online digital sales, Walmart will phase out Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-books until current inventory is… Read More


Study: Walmart stores are 20% cheaper than Amazon

We’ve been closely watching the online retail battle unfold between and Walmart. But there’s one place where Walmart is still winning the price war: brick-and-mortar retail. A study out from Kantar Retail found that Walmart Supercenters were far cheaper than both and when comparing 36 items in the categories of edible grocery;… Read More


Walmart versus Amazon: The next great tech battle?

One of the most fascinating rivalries going on in tech right now isn’t between Apple and Microsoft. Or Google and Facebook. It’s actually the battle for online retail dollars between Walmart and, a fight for the hearts and minds of the world’s shoppers. Through its Walmart Labs unit, the giant Arkansas retailer is investing… Read More


Walmart scoops up mobile dev shop that built iPhone apps for Starbucks, Zipcar and others

Small Society, a tiny Portland mobile application development firm which in the past has developed apps for Starbucks,, Zipcar and the Democratic National Committee, has been acquired for an undisclosed price by Walmart. The acquisition follows news that we broke last week that Ubermind — a Seattle mobile app developer — had been acquired… Read More