Friday laugh: European startups or Pokemon characters?

Startups come up with some really cool and also really odd company names. The Wall Street Journal had some fun this morning and asked readers to separate award-winning European startups and Pokemon characters. Can you figure out which is which? WSJ has your answers here. Mobino Exploud Nuji Weedle Wooga Wooper Powerkiss Mandibuzz FanDuel Geodude Eedu Xatu… Read More


Google in iPhone tracking dustup, and Microsoft jumps into the fray

In an investigative report today, the Wall Street Journal says Google circumvented the iPhone’s privacy settings to track user browsing habits against their wishes. The company “used special computer code that tricks Apple’s Safari Web-browsing software into letting them monitor many users,” the WSJ reports, noting that Safari, “is designed to block such tracking by… Read More