Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla: Engineers should ‘optimize for change’ in today’s market

SAN FRANCISCO–Engineers today should build systems that are designed to weather a changing technological landscape, tech industry legend Vinod Khosla told an audience at today’s GigaOM Structure conference in San Francisco. “I think we have to re-engineer engineering itself to optimize for change,” he said. To do that, engineers have to set aside their usual… Read More


Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla rips 60 Minutes, says ‘Cleantech Crash’ story uses ‘Benghazi-style reporting’

Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore. In a 2,111-word missive, Khosla takes on CBS’ 60 Minutes and their recent report —  “The Cleantech Crash” — in which correspondent Lesley Stahl describes how after billions in losses and hundreds of millions in government subsidies the sector… Read More

Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla hates board meetings, says most VCs ‘add negative value’ to startups

SAN FRANCISCO — Vinod Khosla has had it with VCs. Today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, the Sun Microsystems co-founder said that 90 percent of venture capitalists don’t add value to the startups they advise. In a conversation today with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, Khosla, who runs the firm Khosla Ventures, said that entrepreneurs need to… Read More

Rich Barton

Vinod Khosla, Rich Barton lead Vittana’s new ‘League of Extraordinary Tech Superheroes’

Venture capital Vinod Khosla and Zillow co-founder Rich Barton have joined forces to bankroll Vittana, the Seattle non-profit that’s attempting to wipe out youth poverty through education-oriented microloans. The contributions of Khosla and Barton mark the largest in Vittana’s history, and set the organization on a path to become self sustainable. The exact amount of… Read More


Vinod Khosla on failure, thinking big and why the best entrepreneurs are under 25

Don’t call Vinod Khosla a venture capitalist. After all, the venerable Silicon Valley investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist doesn’t really have the best opinion of those who invest other people’s money in startups. “I refuse to call myself a venture capitalist, and it pisses off most venture capitalists,” said Khosla, speaking at the kick-off event for… Read More


Vinod Khosla invests in Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund

At a talk this evening on the University of Washington campus, it didn’t take long for Michael Arrington to break some news about his newly-formed venture capital fund, CrunchFund. Arrington was interviewing notable venture capitalist Vinod Khosla as the kick off for Startup Weekend EDU when the outspoken TechCrunch founder — wearing his green Unpaid… Read More