Startup Day Video: Venture capitalists say don’t worry about dilution, think about building something big

Dilution vs. Control. It’s an age-old debate in the startup ranks. After all, how much money you take certainly impacts the ownership you hold, as well as the control you wield over a startup. It’s a touchy subject that often pits entrepreneur vs. investor, and it usually doesn’t emerge until things head south, which they… Read More


Geek Humor: Now, this is one iPhone 5 you can’t miss

Getting excited for the bigger screen on the iPhone 5? Well, just imagine where Apple could take things. Some Seattle geeks did, producing this hilarious parody video, showing an “iPhone 5″ with a screen that’s 18 percent thinner and 795 percent taller than previous iPhones. Perfect for those home projects around the house, or reading… Read More

Day 5. The sunrise at Alki Beach

30 sunrises in 30 days: A beautiful look at our region

This is pretty awesome. The one-man graphics company Digital.Meals created a video of 30 sunrises in Seattle and Tacoma over 30 days, picking iconic locations such as Gas Works and Kerry parks, as well as more ordinary streetscapes. I’ve watched the video a few times now, and I’m reminded each time of what a beautiful… Read More


Ask Andru: How can I make my iPad louder?

In today’s Ask Andru column, we get a question about an issue with the iPad that we’ve actually experienced ourselves for years. Ever since the release of the original iPad, it’s been painfully obvious that the speaker on the Apple tablet isn’t exactly up to snuff. It’s fine if you’re somewhere quiet, but go somewhere that… Read More


Seattle entrepreneurs put their best pitch forward at Startup Riot

Seattle startup Chewsy and two dozen other startup companies are getting the chance to present their companies today at Startup Riot, a new event that looks to connect entrepreneurs with investors. Each of the 25 entrepreneurs was given just three minutes to present to the judging panel, which included venture capitalists such as Bill Bryant… Read More


How book stores can compete against Amazon: John Hodgman suggests ‘downloading pods’ continues to grab market share from traditional book stores, and just last month Border’s bit the dust. But resident expert John Hodgman — appearing Tuesday night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart — offers some sage advice on how brick-and-mortar bookstores can actually compete. For one, he suggests getting rid of the “old-fashioned”… Read More


This Seattle woman really, really wants to work at Valve

Valve Software is one of the Seattle area’s hottest gaming companies. And Erin Michael Vondrak, a Seattle artist and photographer, really wants to work there. Vondrak composed an original song and video — dubbed Dear Valve: Hire Me — which spells out why she’d be a good fit for the maker of Portal 2 and… Read More