Video: Microsoft Surface keyboard/cover in action

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet computer, unveiled during a press event here this afternoon, will work in conjunction with a cover that attaches via magnets and doubles as a keyboard. Two versions will be available: one with a touch-sensitive surface, dubbed Touch Cover; and another with slightly raised keys for better typing, dubbed Type Cover. The… Read More


Entrepreneur Dan Shapiro: Startups aren’t a science

When Dan Shapiro joined the startup world in 2002, he was bitten by the bug…hard. Find out what he’s learned along the way and hear his startling confession in this episode of Nextcast. Dan Shapiro grew up with computers, getting his first one at age seven and using it mostly to play games. Decades later, with… Read More


Opanga Networks raises $6M to deliver enhanced mobile video

Seattle’s Opanga Networks, which is developing a content delivery network known as NetRover to enhance the way video is distributed to mobile devices, has raised $6 million in financing. The deal was led by Pacific Wireless Ventures, a Seattle private equity firm. “Most video technology innovation today is focused on defensive strategies towards mobile video like… Read More


T-Mobile’s new video channels: PlayGround TV and Urban Zone

Americans are spending more and more time watching video programming on the go. And T-Mobile is now looking to take advantage of that trend. The Bellevue wireless carrier today introduced PlayGround TV — a channel with kids’ programming such as Curious George, Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer, Cat in the Hat, Veggie Tales and Sesame Street. The… Read More


Xbox used more for movies, music than online games

If you needed any more evidence that Microsoft views the Xbox 360 as a key weapon in its fight to control the living room, take a look at this fascinating factoid. The company now says that more people use the device to watch movies and listen to music online than play online multiplayer games, reports the… Read More


Video: Robot basketball and a new generation of geeks

Washington FIRST Robotics is holding its annual regional competition at the Century Link Events Center in Seattle today and Saturday, and we got a chance to stop by the event yesterday afternoon to talk to the students in the pits and check out some of the practice rounds. Here are some of the video highlights… Read More


Watch Ben Huh debate an NBC executive over SOPA

It took an email from my mom in Ohio to realize just how big the controversy over the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act had become. Last night, she emailed to tell me that Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh was on The NewsHour debating an executive from NBC over the measure. My mom, a… Read More


CES Video: Live-stream your next ski run, from your helmet

Posting from Las Vegas: Mountable HD cameras from Seattle-based Contour are already popular among extreme sports enthusiasts, allowing them to capture video of their exploits from their own points of view. A new partnership announced by the company today takes it to a new level, adding the option of live streaming video from the cameras,… Read More


Will Netflix become acquisition bait?

Shares of Netflix have been absolutely hammered in the past five days, with the one-time high-flying video streaming service shedding almost 20 percent of its value after announcing that it will likely lose money next year. Netflix’s market value has collapsed in recent months, with investors now valuing the company at $3.7 billion. Just two… Read More


What Seattle really needs: A world-class private tech university

Seattle has top-notch engineers, well-respected technology giants and a culture of entrepreneurialism and risk taking. So, what’s the region really lacking when it comes to becoming a world-class technology hub? I get asked that question a lot, and many of you have shared your thoughts on the matter in the comment threads of GeekWire over… Read More


TEDx Rainier: Live online from the University of Washington

TEDx Rainier is being held today at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, the latest in a series of independently organized events in the spirit of the popular TED conferences. The event in Seattle today features a wide-ranging lineup of speakers, giving a variety of informative and inspiring talks on topics… Read More