Gas Powered CEO lays off employees, then nearly breaks down when asking for more money on Kickstarter

Chris Taylor, CEO of Redmond-based Gas Powered Games, starts this video on Kickstarter off like this: “This is the wackiest video update you’ll ever see,” he says. He’s not lying. An emotional Taylor nearly comes to tears as he explains this extremely odd story. Here’s what’s going on. Less than a week after launching a… Read More


Video games analyst: “Consumers are starved for new titles”

Game developers, take notice. Right now might be a perfect time to unveil that new game you’ve been working on for the past few years. According to NPD Video Games Industry Analyst Liam Callahan, the headliners of this holiday season’s video game lineup mostly consist of strong sequels — Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo 4, Assassins Creed… Read More

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Steam’s Big Picture out of beta and into your living room

After nearly three months in beta mode, Steam is making its free “Big Picture” mode available to public, giving PC gamers a new option for playing PC games on large-screen displays such as TV sets. To help celebrate, Bellevue-based Steam is putting on a “Big Picture Celebration Sale” with several of the company’s controller-friendly games discounted by as… Read More


Hulu home to movies, TV shows and now video games

Hulu is known for its TV shows, movies and other related video. Now, they’re venturing into the video game space. While you can’t quite yet purchase or play video games through Hulu, the company today introduced Hulu Video Games as a hub for users to watch trailers, gameplay videos and reviews for the latest games…. Read More

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Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Gabe: Valve founder inducted to Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences

The Hall of Fame. Whether it’s baseball, cars or rock-n-roll, the Hall is synonymous as a place for the people who have excelled in their respective field. While many already tout Valve founder and co-president Gabe Newell as a video game legend, now it’s official. Newell will become just the 17th member of the Academy of… Read More


Amazon’s first mobile game: ‘Air Patriots’ for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire

Amazon’s fledgling game development studio released its first mobile game this morning, Air Patriots, a tower-defense game with a military aviation theme. It’s available for Kindle Fire, Android, iPhone and iPad. The simultaneous cross-platform release gives Air Patriots a widespread presence out of the gate — or the hangar, more specifically. On Amazon’s Kindle Fire… Read More


Game experts debate: Is Microsoft Kinect a passing fad or here to stay?

The gaming panel today at the WTIA’s TechNW conference featured some well-known names from the industry talking about a wide variety of trends and technologies: Bungie‘s Pete Parsons, veteran game designer Jordan Weisman, and Big Fish Games CEO Paul Thelen, moderated by former Microsoft games chief Ed Fries. One audience question toward the end, from Kevin… Read More


1st Apple-approved iOS game controller makes its debut

Digital and social game publisher Gameloft and Duo Games, a unit of Seattle-based Discovery Bay Games, unveiled the first Apple-approved handheld game controller that can connect to iOS devices and essentially turn your iPad into a gaming console.  The Duo Gamer is bluetooth-enabled, takes two AA-batteries and mimics a typical six-button gaming controller with dual analog thumb-sticks… Read More


Microsoft’s Halo 4 is done, set for November release

Halo fans rejoice: Ladies and gents: we are Yoinking thrilled to announce that #Halo4 has gone gold. #WakeUpJohn — Halo Waypoint (@HaloWaypoint) September 28, 2012 That’s a tweet from the official Twitter account of Microsoft’s 343 Industries, which is the developer for Halo 4, after taking over the franchise from Bungie. The latest installment of… Read More


Valve for sale? Asian firms reportedly in talks to purchase video game studio

Even though Valve CEO Gabe Newell said it’s more likely that his company will “disintegrate,” rather than be bought out, reports are out that two major Asian online game companies are discussing a possible purchase of the Bellevue-based video game company. Nexon and NCsoft reportedly met in Hawaii on Wednesday to discuss a merger and valued… Read More


Jordan Weisman: ‘Warning: Startups may be dangerous to your health (and ego)’

Jordan Weisman is a veteran game designer who made headlines this year for an epic Kickstarter campaign, raising $1.8 million for Shadowrun Returns, a revival of the franchise from his current company, Harebrained Schemes. The serial entrepreneur is known for startups including FASA, Virtual World Entertainment, Wizkids, 42 Entertainment, and Smith & Tinker. Weisman shared… Read More


Is that a PC inside your Atari 2600? Well, yes, it is

Building on the recent Internet Explorer/Atari link up, in which they built eight classic Atari games using HTML5, Hard Drives Northwest has created a limited number of Atari 2600 consoles retrofitted with modern PC internals. And just look at them—time warp!  Bellevue’s Hard Drives Northwest repurposed many of the original functions, so watch that “game reset” switch—now it’s hooked… Read More

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Nintendo Wii U will be $300 and $350, debuts Nov. 18

Nintendo will sell its new Wii U game in two versions, starting at $300, beginning on Nov. 18 in the United States. The company made the announcement a few minutes ago at a news conference in New York, answering the biggest remaining question about its new console. The 8GB Wii U basic set, in white, will… Read More


Steam ‘Big Picture’ game mode arrives today in beta

Look out, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo: There’s a new player in the living room. Valve, the video-game company behind the Steam distribution system, plans to launch the public beta of its “Big Picture” mode later today, giving PC gamers a new option for playing PC games on large-screen displays such as TV sets. It’s part… Read More


PAX: ‘Pitch Your Game Idea’ 2012 (Full Video)

One of my favorite sessions each year at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle is the “Pitch Your Game Idea” session, also known as the American Idol of Video Games, in which avid gamers, um, pitch their game ideas to a panel of industry insiders. It’s a not-very-serious, often funny and occasionally insightful look at… Read More