Valve launches Steam for Linux with big sale

After nearly two months in beta mode, Valve has released Steam for Linux. You can get the Steam client from the Ubuntu Software Center.  Currently there are more than 50 Linux games on Steam and to celebrate the release, Valve is putting on a big week-long sale with games discounted by up to 75 percent.  Valve… Read More


Ouch: Nintendo sold just 57,000 Wii U’s in January, report says

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told Reuters last month that the sales of the Wii U, which debuted Nov. 18, were “not bad.” Well, new numbers show that it’s worse than that. CNET is reporting that Nintendo sold just 57,000 Wii U’s last month, barely 20 percent of what Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (281,000) sold during the same time frame. That’s also… Read More


Student-developed DigiPen games selected as finalists at Independent Games Festival

There’s some serious talent coming out of Redmond’s DigiPen Institute of Technology and recent nominations for the Independent Games Festival confirms that fact. Two student-made games were selected as finalists for the 15th annual Independent Games Festival and will go head-to-head with real-world gaming companies. Perspective, an experimental first person puzzle game that allows players to manage… Read More


Check out Gabe Newell’s insane knife collection

Apparently, Gabe Newell likes to collect knives. Sam Hulick, an award-winning composer for video games, Tweeted out this photo a few days ago from a time when he visited Newell’s office. I guess the Valve co-founder not only loves video games, but knives, too. Be sure to check out what Newell said at last week’s DICE 2013… Read More


It’s official: PlayStation is back atop the console market

PlayStation is once again the king of the worldwide console market. Sony’s latest earnings report, issued Feb. 7, shows unit sales for the PlayStation home consoles (the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3) beating the competing machines from Nintendo and Microsoft for the title of best-selling home game console for the 2012 holiday shopping season. Combined… Read More


Gas Powered CEO Chris Taylor: “We’ve regrouped and are focused on winning”

We’ve been writing about how Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor had to let go of his entire staff due to the struggling Kickstarter campaign for GPG’s new game WIldman. And even though Taylor seemed pessimistic about the project in a recent video, he told GeekWire Tuesday night that the campaign is doing “much better.” In his most recent Kickstarter video update,… Read More


Gas Powered CEO lays off employees, then nearly breaks down when asking for more money on Kickstarter

Chris Taylor, CEO of Redmond-based Gas Powered Games, starts this video on Kickstarter off like this: “This is the wackiest video update you’ll ever see,” he says. He’s not lying. An emotional Taylor nearly comes to tears as he explains this extremely odd story. Here’s what’s going on. Less than a week after launching a… Read More


Video games analyst: “Consumers are starved for new titles”

Game developers, take notice. Right now might be a perfect time to unveil that new game you’ve been working on for the past few years. According to NPD Video Games Industry Analyst Liam Callahan, the headliners of this holiday season’s video game lineup mostly consist of strong sequels — Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo 4, Assassins Creed… Read More

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Steam’s Big Picture out of beta and into your living room

After nearly three months in beta mode, Steam is making its free “Big Picture” mode available to public, giving PC gamers a new option for playing PC games on large-screen displays such as TV sets. To help celebrate, Bellevue-based Steam is putting on a “Big Picture Celebration Sale” with several of the company’s controller-friendly games discounted by as… Read More


Hulu home to movies, TV shows and now video games

Hulu is known for its TV shows, movies and other related video. Now, they’re venturing into the video game space. While you can’t quite yet purchase or play video games through Hulu, the company today introduced Hulu Video Games as a hub for users to watch trailers, gameplay videos and reviews for the latest games…. Read More

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Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Gabe: Valve founder inducted to Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences

The Hall of Fame. Whether it’s baseball, cars or rock-n-roll, the Hall is synonymous as a place for the people who have excelled in their respective field. While many already tout Valve founder and co-president Gabe Newell as a video game legend, now it’s official. Newell will become just the 17th member of the Academy of… Read More