Meteor Entertainment closes Seattle office, CEO steps down as Hawken struggles to find footing

Meteor Entertainment, publisher of the PC combat game Hawken, has closed its Seattle office and is consolidating operations into its Los Angeles studio. Meteor’s former CEO Mark Long confirmed to GeekWire today that he stepped down late last year, and that the company’s chief product officer, Bill Wagner, is now running things. The changes are a… Read More


Video demo: Putting Xbox One voice commands to the test

“Xbox, Watch TV.” “Xbox, Go to Forza Motorsport 5.” “Xbox, Mute.” These are just a few of the phrases you can say in your living room that Microsoft’s newest console will recognize. With the Xbox One, Microsoft is making a big bet on voice commands — significantly expanding the vocabulary of words recognized by the… Read More

David Bluhm

Mobile gaming vet David Bluhm partners with Wargaming for new Seattle game publisher

One of Seattle’s most accomplished entrepreneurs is jumping back into the gaming industry with some ambitious goals. David Bluhm, co-founder of companies like Z2, Handson Mobile and 2Way, is leading a Seattle-based unnamed games development and publishing company in partnership with fast-growing Wargaming, maker of the popular free-to-play game World of Tanks. The new entity is 100… Read More


Ex-Valve employees raising $400K on Kickstarter for augmented reality, 3D-projection glasses

Maybe Valve should have kept these two around. Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson today launched a Kickstarter to raise $400,000 for their projected augmented reality glasses that display interactive 3D images right in front of you. The castAR specs are unlike wearable virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift, which can only project images into your eye instead… Read More


Neal Stephenson’s sword-fighting game ‘Clang’ falls short of lofty post-Kickstarter goals

Seattle-based author-turned-video-game-designer Neal Stephenson had high ambitions for his sword-fighting game called Clang, which successfully reached its $500,000 funding goal on Kickstarter in July. Now, though, those plans have been somewhat disarmed. In an update posted on the Kickstarter page late yesterday, the Subutai team indicated that they have “hit the pause button” on development… Read More


Advice from Valve’s Gabe Newell: Success in gaming doesn’t need to run through publishers or platforms

Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has advice for young-ins wanting to break into the game industry: Start creating now and don’t wait for a position with a big publisher. Newell was on a panel at Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry this morning speaking about video games with people like 343 Industries’ Kiki Wolfkill and… Read More


Xbox Live Marketplace now called Xbox Games Store

Bye bye, Xbox Live Marketplace. Days after Microsoft moved from Microsoft Points to real world currency, the company has rebranded its Xbox Live Marketplace to simply “Xbox Games.” The new Xbox Games Store compliments the Xbox Music Store and Xbox Video Store. Both moves are part of Microsoft’s goal of easing the transition from Xbox 360… Read More


Here’s how to get a sneak peek at the Xbox One

You can’t get your hands on the Xbox One until sometime in November, but Microsoft is giving gamers a sneak peak at the next-gen console in its stores across the country. Inside Microsoft Stores there are now Xbox One consoles enclosed in a glass box. While you can’t touch, you’ll be able to get up-close-and-personal… Read More


Amazon rumored to be working on a game console

If a new rumor is true, Amazon may be getting into the console business by the end of this year. According to a report by GameInformer, Amazon is rumored to be developing an Android-powered game console for release in late 2013, in time for the holiday shopping season, complete with its own dedicated controller. Following… Read More


Xbox 360 vs. Wii vs. PS3: Who won the console wars?

Sony’s earnings report yesterday provided some of the final pieces of data to answer a question that goes back to 2005: Will the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii prevail in the video-game console wars? Eight years later, it turns out the answer isn’t as clear as we might have hoped. Nintendo raced out… Read More