Vanessa Fox launches Keylime Toolbox to help startups gather hard-to-find SEO data

Vanessa Fox is back on her SEO startup game. Fox, who previously founded Seattle-based search analytics business Nine by Blue, this week launched a new SEO-focused startup called Keylime Toolbox. While Nine by Blue — which was acquired by RKG in May 2013 — was more appealing to larger businesses, Keylime Toolbox is directed at those who may not… Read More


SEO guru Vanessa Fox sells search analytics startup Nine by Blue to RKG

Seattle entrepreneur Vanessa Fox has been bootstrapping her search analytics business, Nine by Blue, for the past six years. Today, the former Google employee is cashing out, in part because she’s found the right partner in Charlottesville, Virginia-based search marketing firm RKG. “We’ve built up Blueprint as a robust enterprise-level search analytics platform and are… Read More

Vanessa Fox

Q&A: Vanessa Fox on Facebook, Google and the changing world of search

During last week’s GeekWire podcast, Todd Bishop and John Cook had the opportunity to chat with search industry veteran and startup entrepreneur Vanessa Fox, a former Google employee who was responsible for building Google Webmaster Central. Fox now runs her own company called Nine By Blue, a startup that aims to help online publishers and businesses understand… Read More