Valve to launch Steam Machine prototypes and first run of its Steam OS this week

Bellevue-based gaming company Valve announced today that the 300 lucky testers for its prototype Steam Machine gaming console have already been informed via email that they’ll be receiving the new box, which will be leaving the manufacturer on Friday. Citing regulatory hurdles, the company said that prototypes will only be shipped out to testers in… Read More

Brendan Iribe

Oculus CEO: Gamers will be ‘blown away’ by Rift virtual reality, with help from Valve

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. –  A partnership with one of the Seattle region’s major players in gaming will be a key component in bringing a highly anticipated virtual reality experience to the masses. Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus VR, said today that a collaboration between Oculus and Bellevue-based Valve has been invaluable to creating a… Read More


Ex-Valve employees raising $400K on Kickstarter for augmented reality, 3D-projection glasses

Maybe Valve should have kept these two around. Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson today launched a Kickstarter to raise $400,000 for their projected augmented reality glasses that display interactive 3D images right in front of you. The castAR specs are unlike wearable virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift, which can only project images into your eye instead… Read More


Valve’s new Steam controller replaces joysticks with trackpads

Valve this week already announced a new operating system and plans for console hardware. Today, the Bellevue game company unveiled the Steam Controller. If it looks like something is missing, well, there is. The controller does not come with traditional analog joysticks and uses circular trackpads instead. These pads, meant for your left and right… Read More


Valve unveils Linux-based living room operating system SteamOS

Valve made the first of three scheduled announcements today, unveiling a free Steam operating system designed for living rooms and based on Linux. SteamOS is a stand-alone operating system made for PCs and built around Steam’s current platform. It “combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen,” as Valve describes… Read More


Advice from Valve’s Gabe Newell: Success in gaming doesn’t need to run through publishers or platforms

Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has advice for young-ins wanting to break into the game industry: Start creating now and don’t wait for a position with a big publisher. Newell was on a panel at Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry this morning speaking about video games with people like 343 Industries’ Kiki Wolfkill and… Read More


Valve helps teens prepare for the game industry with new Pipeline experiment

There are lots of high school students interested in working within the video game industry some day, but may not know where to look for information and inspiration. That’s where Valve wants to help. The 17-year-old Bellevue company just launched Pipeline, an experimental project aimed to educate high schoolers about the ins and outs of the video game industry…. Read More


Why Valve’s company structure ‘felt a lot like high school’ to this ex-employee

Valve is well-known for its counterintuitive corporate culture, one in which bosses don’t exist and employees are encouraged to take big risks without consult. It’s helped the 17-year-old Bellevue company become one of the top game makers around. But one ex-Valve developer says that the unique structure certainly has some glaring downsides. In an interview on The Grey Area podcast,… Read More


Game of the Year? Vote here in the GeekWire Awards

The Seattle region may be known for operating systems, airplanes and coffee, but video games play a huge role in the technology scene, and today we’re pleased to present a new GeekWire Awards category that recognizes this important field. Below you’ll find the five finalists for Game of the Year — the top video games… Read More


VIDEO: What makes Seattle such an awesome gaming city

The list of game development companies in the Seattle area, from Valve to PopCap to 343, is certainly impressive. And to show how awesome the Emerald City’s gaming scene is, GameSpot just put out a really well-done video showcasing the talent here. They spoke with several of the city’s leading game devs, from Pete Parsons… Read More