Valve boss Gabe Newell interviewed by ESPN: ‘The Internet is changing what sports is’

Gabe Newell has sat through thousands of interviews. His conversation that aired nationally on Sunday evening, though, was particularly unique. Newell, CEO and co-founder of Bellevue-based gaming company Valve, had an interview broadcasted to millions of people on ESPN2 as part of a 30-minute show about the massive Dota 2 tournament happening at Seattle’s Key Arena. Newell… Read More


ESPN partners with Valve to broadcast Dota 2 video game championships

If you tune into ESPN this weekend, you might catch some British Open golf action, perhaps some Sunday Night Baseball, or maybe a little MLS soccer. But the leading sports network is airing something rather peculiar on Sunday: A video game competition. Electronic sports — e-sports for short — has officially made its way to ESPN, which will broadcast Valve’s Dota 2… Read More


Alienware forges ahead with $549 game console, running Windows 8.1, after Valve’s Steam Machine delay

Alienware is forging ahead with plans for a Windows 8.1-based home gaming console, following delays to Valve Software’s Steam Machine console plans. The device, which is called the Alienware Alpha, was originally slated to launch as one of many Steam Machines – small consoles powered by Valve software, designed to bring PC gaming to the… Read More


Photos: Valve is still working on a virtual reality headset

Valve still appears to be interested in developing its own virtual reality headset. At a VR meet-up in Boston this weekend, the Bellevue-based gaming company showed off the most recent prototype of its headset. A few attendees posted images online and included some thoughts on Reddit. The device looks somewhat similar to the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2. Reddit user jonomf noted… Read More


Losing Steam: Valve controller delayed until 2015 in setback for Steam Machines

Valve says the controller for the upcoming Steam Machine gaming consoles will be delayed until 2015. The news is a setback for the Bellevue-based company and the third-party hardware makers attempting to bring PC gaming to the living room using Valve’s popular Steam game platform. In his post announcing the delay, Valve staffer Eric Hope said that… Read More


Oculus poaches another Valve employee, hires Michael Abrash as chief scientist

Oculus VR, the virtual reality headset technology company that was just acquired by Facebook for $2 billion, has hired another Valve employee — this time, it’s developer Michael Abrash. Less than a month after recruiting former Valve engineer Atman Binstock, Oculus announced today that it is bringing on Abrash as its new chief scientist. Abrash previously… Read More

Atman Binstock.

Oculus VR opening Seattle R&D office, hires Valve veteran Atman Binstock

Oculus VR, the company behind the highly-anticipated Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, announced today it is opening up a new Oculus research and development office in Seattle. Heading up the new team is former Valve engineer Atman Binstock, who will be joining the company as its chief architect. Oculus is looking for “exceptional engineers to help research… Read More


Internet’s obsession with Gabe Newell comes through during Valve CEO’s Reddit Q&A

People on the Internet seem to be obsessed with Valve CEO Gabe Newell and that much was obvious during Newell’s Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session this afternoon. For example: One person said he hadn’t showered since meeting Newell in 2011 and taking a picture with him. “That’s a long time not to shower,” Newell responded. Another person… Read More


Game discounts: Steam will let developers launch their own sales, Valve confirms

When gamers talk about Valve’s Steam e-commerce platform, the conversation almost inevitably comes to sales. The company’s massive quarterly discount extravaganzas have become legendary for both their value and their ability to assist customers in parting with their money. Now, every day could be sale day on Steam. According to screenshots and images from the… Read More


This Valve engineer built a machine that makes perfect cookies

Ben Krasnow is no stranger to hacking. The Valve engineer has created X-rays with a vacuum tube, once built a hybrid rocket engine, and also combined avocados and high pressure nitrous oxide. Now he’s back with his latest creation: A cookie-making machine. “I’ve often wondered what makes a perfect cookie,” Krasnow says in the video below…. Read More


Coming to Valve’s Steam OS: Streaming TV and music

Valve is aiming to to add streaming media services to its Steam OS, including music and television content, according to tweets from developers attending Valve’s Steam Dev Days conference. That’s a big move for Valve, with the potential to make the forthcoming Steam Machine gaming computers more competitive with Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation product lines,… Read More


Valve’s Steam platform now has 75 million users

Today at its Steam Dev Days conference, Valve announced that its Steam video-game platform now has 75 million active accounts. Less than three months ago in October, Valve said that there were 65 million active accounts, which marked a 30 percent growth in 2013. Valve now has many more users on its Steam platform than Microsoft’s… Read More


Steam, Origin and others taken down in latest attacks against gaming services

Valve’s Steam platform, Activision Blizzard’s and EA’s Origin storefront were all brought down last night by Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks — as an ongoing campaign by digital miscreants started earlier this week continued, leaving players and developers in the lurch. We've directed the Gaben Laser Beam™ @ the EA login servers. Origin #offline — DERP… Read More